Applicable and Affordable Kitchen Cheap Countertop Table Ideas

Renovate the kitchen could be a very fun thing to do when you know what and how to do.

It is important to know what you should do to make great arrangement for the kitchen. It is also important how to do it properly and effectively so you can save your time and money.

When it comes about time, you can hire professional fabricator or interior designer so you can renovate the kitchen at the right time.

Also, their expertise could help you in choosing the kitchen materials that fit the budgets.

The countertop is most crucial item since it would be the center of attention in the kitchen.

So, you can choose cheap kitchen countertops over the natural stone, such as marble or granite.

Inexpensive Kitchen Countertop Tables

Keep in mind that the kitchen countertop table could be the place where all the family members eat together.

So you need to choose the right material so it is not just about the style, but also about comfort that will bring everyone joy.

Now, we have a list of inexpensive kitchen countertop that could be the best alternative for natural stone. Here we go!

  1. Laminate

Do you want granite-like countertop table on your kitchen that won’t break your bank account?

Say no more. The modern laminate counters are here to stay thanks to the advanced printing technology so we can get countertop table with stone or wood pattern.

The most interesting part about this technique is that the result is amazing because it looks like the real one.

  1. Concrete

The concrete countertop is now famous for the homeowners that have industrial style interior design.

This one is also one of the cheapest countertop tables that offers durability. Aside of the cheap price, the concrete countertop also gives aesthetic value when you can customize it.

The best part about it is that when you feel boring and want something new, you just need to re-paint or cover it with any other countertop materials and you will get a brand new countertop!

  1. Wood

Some people want luxury, meanwhile the others want natural-like and warmth feeling in the kitchen.

If you type of the second person, the wood countertop is the pefect choice as it would give you warmth and bring nature atmosphere in there.

But keep in mind that wood countertop would last longer unless you keep oiling every 2 or 3 years.

Of course, it takes exclusive maintenance but when you take care of it regularly, you’ll be satisfied with the countertop you have.

  1. Tile

This one is the most popular countertop that interestingly, not outdated. If you want to go classic, choose the single color tiles.

But if you want to get vintage, the floral and patterned tiles would change the look of your countertop.

Even when you use two different pattern of tiles, the cost to make it is still under the average.

  1. Stainless Steel

The stainless steel is not as cheap as other kitchen countertop table but this one is not too expensive either. A custom-made stainless steel countertop table is way cheaper than granite or marble but gives you the same advantages. Like, it is easy to clean up and it last longer as long as you don’t drop heavy objects on the top of it.

Kitchen Countertop Table Ideas

The kitchen countertop is not only decided by the price but also need specific theme because it would be the main area in the kitchen.

So, once you have done with material selection, this is the time to think about how we decorate and explore the ideas. We have some ideas and feel free to steal one of ours!

  • Silver Kitchen Countertop

This one is suitable for those who choose stainless steel countertops as the silver tones thickened the silver theme.

All you need to do is choosing the perfect chairs that have the same colors.

Plus, you can put the silver cutlery – not just as the tools, but also the decoration as well. 

All the colors around should be in accordance and painted in silver to thickened the theme.

  • Industrial Kitchen Themed

The industrial design is one of the most impressive kitchen design because it could show the boldness and elegant at the same time.

Even when you choose concrete kitchen countertop table, feel free to combine it with different finishes, staining, or any other textural treatments that will give distinct appearance on your kitchen.

  • Corner Countertop Table

Small space is not an obstacle as long as you know the tricks to maximize it. Instead of put the countertop table at the center of the kitchen, you can make it one in the corner so you have more spaces.

The corner countertop table goes well either with tiles, concrete, even the wood material base. Add two chairs to complement the cornet countertop in the kitchen.

  • Patterned Countertop Table

As mentioned earlier, the laminate table is unique since you can request the pattern of the countertop table.

When some people prefer the natural mineral or wooden styled countertop, you can go with something different, such as transparent or just simple strip design.

This one suits well for the contemporary house that enhances the minimalist style for the cabinets, shelves, and the countertop itself.

  • Black and White Kitchen

Last but not least, the two tones design would be great when you bring the contrast to your kitchen.

The black countertop and white floor and cabinets would give eye-catching look. Those colors also give elegant and minimalist feel at the same time.

For the black countertop you can go with either tile or concrete that needs to be painted.

Those inspiring kitchen countertop table ideas are affordable and simple.

It doesn’t need to be super rich to have beautiful countertop table that will enhance the comfort and aesthetic in your kitchen.

As long as you know how to choose the inexpensive type and understand the art of implementing these ideas, you can renovate the kitchen and having the countertops of your dream.

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