The Best Cheap Kitchen Countertops Tips

How do you find low-cost countertops? It isn’t really simple. In fact, 3 popular kinds of countertop products, piece granite, concrete, and quartz, will bust your spending plan. It is difficult, if not impossible, to score an offer on any of these. And also ignore specialized and strange counters like stainless-steel, paper compound, zinc, or glass.

So, what’s the most effective direction to take when wanting to save loan?

Laminate Counters: Discover How To Love Laminates

Caring laminate is the first step towards racking up affordable counters. Certain, it’s feasible to acquire pricey laminate counter products; premium, high-def laminate is lovely and also high-end, with high prices to match. Yet more often than not, you’ll locate that laminate is affordable. One reason is since laminate is nothing more than slim sheets of laminate product glued in addition to MDF (medium-density fiberboard) and countless stores as well as specific specialists can do this.

  • Huge Box Store Pre-Laminated Slabs: Residence Depot, Lowe’s, and other house enhancement stores will have “pre-lammed” countertop slabs, normally in the back of the store. Not just are they cheap, however you could grab your pieces in the early morning and have a brand-new countertop by afternoon. The disadvantage is that they hardly ever win awards for charm.
  • IKEA: There’s no refuting that IKEA puts out low-cost items with style. Their laminate counters are jumps and bounds better-looking compared to the big-box store counters. Think about just one: Pragel, a black mineral-effect laminate, looks respectable and also, per 73 1/2- inch by 25 5/8- inch slab, costs regarding one-third of the cost of an equivalent item found in huge box shops.
  • Laminate It Yourself: Laminate sheets in your home Depot as well as other house enhancement stores are fairly affordable. Laminating flooring the sheets onto MDF is complicated for the majority of house owners, though. Yet if you are confident that you could run a router, this is the least expensive way to get a laminate counter. One drawback is that you won’t obtain those great rolled sides that you obtain when purchasing pre-lammed pieces.
  • Bathroom Vanity Tops: When they come as component of a bathroom vanity system, laminate counters are relatively inexpensive, plus the sink insert is already suited you.

Ceramic Floor Tile: Classic Do-It-Yourself Countertop

Ceramic tile has long been a favorite choice for homeowners bent on doing it themselves and having a nice-looking countertop as a result. Ceramic is significantly more affordable also than granite floor tile. Include some bullnoses, corners, as well as a backsplash, as well as you’ve got an eye-catching item.

Seams are the trouble with ceramic tile counters, however. Many house buyers that are avid cooks have the tendency to look down on ceramic tile counters.

Tile Granite: Slab Granite’s Feel and Look

People that desire piece granite yet do not intend to pay high slab costs frequently pick ceramic tile granite. Tile granite is available in 12-inch or 16-inch squares, and also no shipping prices are included: go down to your local ceramic tile store, Lowe’s, or Home Depot and also there it is.

Easy to do on your own, tile granite can be mounted with epoxies rather than mortar. And with the tiles fitted close together, this eliminates the need to grout in between the tiles. Granite– any type of natural stone– will be a pricey product. Yet this is off-set, because the labor prices connected with installation will certainly be nil.

Timber: Great Aesthetics, Affordable, High Upkeep

Quartz as well as solid surface areas need to be made in big, costly manufacturing facilities. You’ll never locate a kindly old artisan mixing up a batch of Corian in his picturesque little workshop.

That is the regulating idea behind all of high vs. low-cost counters: is it locked up in a costly manufacturing process or do individuals have control over the product as well as process? And also no product offers itself to home markets or light making greater than timber.

Despite having a company as huge as IKEA, you find stunning counters that aren’t costly: Numerar counters, 73 1/2 inches by 25 5/8 inches, are solid beech (strips of beech laminated flooring with each other) as well as are normally reasonably valued.

Modular Engineered Rock: Little-Known “Slab Granite” Option

With modular rock, expense decreases dramatically. No, these are not gigantic, undisturbed stretches of granite. Modular granite is bigger than tile, smaller compared to piece. It’s also engineered stone (like Cambria), not sliced straight from the planet. Self-installation is much easier because modular granite can be dealt with by 1 or 2 people. You could install it yourself, saving on installment fees.

Strong Surface: Increasingly More Affordable, Do It Yourself Choice

Solid surface: that’s the sector term for materials like Corian and also Silestone. Of every one of the expensive counters, this is the one where you have the most effective chance of discovering a cheap one.

In years past, when Dupont still had the Corian license locked up, strong surface was costly. But once the patent ran out, thousands of makers started making strong surface, and this competition offered to lower rates.

Just like laminate, those strong surface vanity tops that come packed with vanity systems could be instead affordable.

One excellent source for DIY solid surface area construction is a business called This company acquisitions solid surface from clearances, close-outs, and also various other unusual sources as well as makes them readily available at their on the internet shop.

Why So Expensive?

Some types of countertops are so pricey that finding an affordable version of them is practically difficult. Why is this so?

  1. Piece Granite: This commonly places as the most costly countertop product. The rock itself is costly, so because it is quarried in Italy, Turkey, or India, as well as needs to be delivered countless miles to get to you. Manufacture is difficult. Setup requires experts. Slab granite is never ever a DIY job.
  2. Concrete: Concrete countertops rate neck-and-neck with piece granite in terms of expense. Even though the product seems ordinary enough, the genuine cost-driver is construction and installation. Experts must make and also mount concrete counters.
  3. Quartz/Engineered Stone: Quartz counters recently have actually come to be a favorite option to piece granite. Cambria as well as Zodiaq are two prominent brand names of quartz countertops. Yet quartz is secured in the hands of few makers, a problem that offers to lower competitors, promote monopolies, and also hence, drive up costs for you.

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