Types of Closet Doors with Pros and Cons

The key of having cozy home is how you arrange the furniture and other ornaments. It is important to make sure that everything is on the spot so you don’t have messy part in the room.

Meanwhile for all your stuff, it would be better if you have storage that serves purpose. The storage doesn’t have to be huge, as long as it can contain the stuff then it is enough. One of the storage that we need in the house is the closet.

It has to be fit to all your stuff so you can store all the cloth and pants in the appropriate place. As the result you will get a clean bedroom that provides comfort to sleep.

There are a lot of closet doors ideas that you can try on the house. You don’t need to be genius to design the closet doors since the ideas are free to adopt. You just need to choose the one that suits your style and the budget so you will get the one that fit the desire and your bank accounts.

Also, there are a lot of types of closet doors that will help you to choose the one you love. Let’s take a look at the following review about the closet doors with its pros and cons. Are you ready?

Closet Doors Types

  1. Bi-Fold Closet Doors

This is one of the most common model that used by most of homeowners. The bi-fold doors are suitable for any kind of bedroom design, you just need to choose or customize the model that fit the concept. The key of these types is that the size has to be show the proportion between the closet and the size of the bedroom.

Pros: It is cheap and simple, you can ask the carpenter to customize yours and choose the door opening style.

Cons: It would be difficult to reach the far sides when the door is not fully opened. But when it is opened, it consumes the surrounding space.

  1. Pocket Closet Doors

Another type of closet doors that fit for the bedroom is the pocket styled. It uses sliding door so it won’t need extra space when it is opened, just like the swing door. The best part about the pocket closet doors are that they can be matched with other interior doors.

Pros: Space-saving, simple, and give you more spaces on the inside to store the clothes and pants. Also, you have easy flow to look for what you need inside.

Cons: Pocket doors need spaces, which enforce you to provide more space which means more budget to design the whole bedroom. Unless you are rich, forget about this part!

  1. Bypass Closet Doors

This one is also familiar type of closet doors that looks like just regular sliding doors. But it is actually installed within frame which has tract that let the doors to slide one and another. It has a series number of materials, from wood to aluminum.

Pros: Other than space-saving for small bedroom, the door won’t bother you to store or take the stuff inside. The wide range of materials gives you freedom to choose the one you like.

Cons: The sliding door needs to be opened one by one. Hence, you can only access half of the closet at a time. Plus, the slide sounds could annoy you when the bypass doors are old.

  1. Accordion Closet Doors

Thanks to the lightweight PVC that provides ease with contemporary look. Also, it can be customized to look like wood flank or any other pattern. Some of them have acrylic blend that gives frosted texture or clear glass. It is suitable for the closet that needs full access so you have free workflow.

Pros: It is lightweight, simple, and provides full access. You can use this type of door for the bathrooms, laundry room, or even the kitchen

Cons: At some point, the track could stuck, and when you force to open it the door could bent.

  1. Mirror Closet Doors

The mirror closet doors will give you spacious atmosphere thanks to the light reflections. Actually, almost all the closet doors can be customized to be mirror closet door if you want. Other than mirror, you can choose transparent glass as the replacement.

Pros: It has various styles, including the frames. It is multifunctional as you choose the clothes and you can look it on the mirror.

Cons: Mirror is breakable so you need to be careful with sharp object around. Also, you need to clean the surface regularly to avoid stain.

  1. French Closet Doors

If you want to go classic, choose the French doors that characterized with narrow storage, lighter frames, and also has aesthetic style. For the frames, you can use the mirror or stained glass so you won’t leave it void.

Pros: An actual walk-in closet that provides comfort and luxury. It easier to arrange the clothes and other accessories on the inside because each storage provides empty space.

Cons: Forget about French closet doors if you have tiny space available.

  1. Pivot Closet Doors

The fun part about pivot door is that the hinges that installed on the top and bottom of the door which gives you full access to the whole space inside seamlessly. Among other type of closet doors, the pivot is the one that gives you full access without compromise.

Pros: It is customizable so you can customize the door blanks, design the texture, and also match the style with the whole bedroom concept.

Cons: It requires professional installation and the cost could be very expensive.

Those are 7 type of closet doors which can be chosen based on your preference. Make sure that you find the best type of closet door that matches with the size of the room, the interior concept, and also gives you access with seamless workflow. Keep in mind that each closet door needs to be installed by professional so it would work perfectly.

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