60 Best Easy DIY for Your Dream Closet Doors

Wallpaper on closet doors.

One of the most convenient methods to spark up your bed room décor without repainting the wall surfaces or changing your furnishings is to spruce up your closet doors. Why have plain white doors when there are many DIY methods to add shade, pattern or function without spending a bundle? Whether you wish to have some fun in the kids’ area or add a little fancifulness to your own room, you make certain to find inspiration in among the 9 ideas shown below. Ensure to get rid of the doors from the joints and lay them level prior to beginning any of the painting projects– you’ll discover it a lot easier to work that way.

If you’ve located wallpaper that you love, yet you do not want to cover your bed room walls with pattern, hang the paper on your closet doors instead. Today’s wallpaper is an unlike the difficult-to-hang, impossible-to-remove paper you might remember from your youth. The majority of wallpaper these days is self-adhesive as well as very easy to strip if you relocate or tire of the style. And with numerous terrific wallpapers on the market, you make certain to discover one that includes simply the touch your bedroom needs.


Give your closet creative panache with a stenciled design. You could go as easy or as fancy as you would certainly such as– there are stencils readily available in every theme imaginable. Spruce up a child’s space with whimsical forest animals or sports images, or add a touch of unique elegance to a master bedroom with bamboo in metallic paint as shown below. Before beginning, make use of graph paper to plan your stenciled layout, and reconfigure up until you have the most pleasing design.

Painted Mural

The superb mural on the closet doors revealed below is the work of musician Fred Gonsowski in his own residence. If you have similar creative capacity, you’ll possibly really feel comfortable working freehand on a layout of your own creation. If not, look for motivation in photos and also pictures, and when you find the ideal image for your bed room, use a grid to enlarge the image and develop the synopsis on your closet door prior to paint. If that is a bit more initiative compared to you would certainly such as, don’t hesitate to paint a straightforward scene, or just have fun with geometric shapes, dots, celebrities, squiggles or stripes.

Dry-Erase Paint

Do you have a young adult with calculation-intensive research like algebra, geometry, physics or chemistry? Just how around a youngster that likes to attract, create poetry or simply doodle? If so, give him or her a functioning surface similar to one discovered in a class by covering all or a part of the closet doors with dry-erase paint. This glossy, white latex paint dries out to a tough surface that transforms the doors into a whiteboard– make use of dry remove pens, and merely wipe the marks away with a paper towel or dustcloth to remove mistakes or tidy the board. This job is best for upper-elementary or older kids– the more youthful set may utilize long-term pens instead of completely dry erase pens, hence ruining the surface.

Chalkboard Paint

Right here’s a job great for the more youthful kids’ bedroom– transform the closet doors right into a chalkboard. It’s very easy with chalkboard paint, which isn’t limited to black anymore– you could locate a vast array of brilliant shades. Simply painting it on, allow it dry for a few days, massage the entire surface area with chalk and after that erase. Currently the surface awaits your budding Picasso’s scribbles and alphabet session. You could cover the whole surface of the doors, or just make use of the chalkboard paint in the door’s facilities as shown right here– you could get all the details at Style Build Love.

Painted Frames

Give your closet doors some dimensional passion with bit greater than paint and canvas cots or structures. This project works with single-door closets or folding doors– not sliders. Initially, you’ll want to paint the door your base color. Make use of a shiny paint for convenience when cleansing the doors. Next off, repaint your frames, using the same color as the base (as shown below), or go bolder with contrasting shade, a rainbow of structures or rotating shades. You’ll then connect the structures to the door making use of glue strips– yet prior to sticking the structures, lay the pattern out on the door to be sure it’s placed to your taste. You can obtain all the information at Curbly.


That stated that closet doors need to be strong timber, and even be a door in all? If you desire something soft, textural and as simple to change as your state of mind, hang a drape rather. The technique is to hang the drape pole inside the closet, up above the door to ensure that from the outside, the top of the curtains is hidden. Make sure you determine before getting started– you need a rod that goes to the very least a couple inches wider than your closet door and curtains long enough to get to the ground once installed. Now you have a closet door that needs no swing space to open up– simply move the curtains to the side, or part in the middle if you are making use of 2 panels.


Decoupage is a fantastic way to make use material scraps, scrapbooking paper, giftwrap, old maps or organic prints, or any other light-weight, level material that could be glued to your door. You can cover the entire door, create an interesting focal point and also border it with repainted molding, decoupage simply one door of a pair of sliders (as in the space below) or decoupage an open design that lets the door’s initial surface area show via. Prior to beginning, remove the door from the joints and also lay it level. Organize your paper or fabric scraps until you like the design, and afterwards use a decoupage adhesive like Mod Podge to adhere the design to the door. Give the finished design numerous top coats of Mod Podge to create a wipeable, glossy and smooth surface area.

Wall surface Decals

Embellishing your closet doors with wall decals is most likely the easiest way of all to provide a little color as well as décor power. This is especially excellent in a child’s space, where you’ll possibly wish to alter the motif as your youngster grows older. Wall stickers are self-adhesive and also peel off away quickly without leaving any marks or residue. They also are available in a virtually endless variety of styles, sizes and also shades, so you could go as easy (like the butterfly stickers right here), or as fancy as you ‘d like.

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