60 Best Decomposed Granite Ideas for Your Lawn

With a remodel and also a yard design job under way, I’ve been looking into the best ways to streamline yard maintenance as well as cut down on water use. And I maintain listening to more and more regarding the benefits of decomposed granite. Why? It turns out that in many means decomposed granite (or DG, as it’s commonly called) is the ideal hardscape product: all-natural, permeable, cosmetically flexible, and incredibly inexpensive.

After I started checking out DG, I began to observe it almost everywhere: The very little path via the local leisure field that never ever obtains muddy? Decomposed granite. The soft, natural-looking driveway, where the surface area stays put? Likewise decomposed granite. The compost at the base of trees that keeps the ground weed-free? DG once more.

Is DG the best product to pick for your hardscaping project? Read on:

What is decomposed granite?

Decomposed granite is like gravel, but finer as well as usually a lot more secure. It’s developed from the natural weathering and disintegration of solid granite, a challenging, difficult, igneous rock. The DG sold as landscaping product is commonly composed of fine three-eighths-inch (or smaller sized) bits; some might be no bigger than a grain of sand. Colors differ, from aficionado to brown, as well as include various tones of grey, black, red, and also green.

What are the kinds of decomposed granite?

Although there are at least 30 colors as well as differing levels of fragment dimensions, decomposed granite basically is available in 3 forms: natural, maintained, and also resin-coated.

  • Natural DG is made use of as a compost material as well as can be spread out around trees as well as garden beds much like wood compost. It will certainly remain to weather after it is put in place and supplies nutrients to surrounding soil and also plants. It lasts longer compared to most various other compost materials and will certainly not draw in bugs.
  • For a course or outdoor patio, DG with stabilizers (which act as a binder) is the very best service. Maintained DG is often additionaled top of one more gravel product, tamped down, after that entrusted to a slim loose layer on top.
  • DG with material for driveways has a similar surface area to asphalt, yet has an extra all-natural appearance and also is absorptive.

Exactly what are the most effective ways to make use of decomposed granite?

While DG is most generally made use of for paths, driveways, garden paths, and as a xeriscape ground cover, it could also be used to create smooth aesthetic shifts between formal yard and wilderness. One of its advantages is that it breaks down, so any DG that moves right into lawn or planting beds does not trigger issues the means crushed rock does. Lining a course or patio area with a black metal strip (which will certainly go away if hidden reduced sufficient) will assist maintain it in place.

One caution: Ensure not to set up the material too near the entry of a house or structure. It does stick to shoes, and also will scratch floors. This could be stayed clear of by separating the DG from the home with a couple of feet of various other surface area materials, plus a door mat.

Just how much does decomposed granite cost?

The raw material expenses $40 to $50 per cubic lawn and also is readily available from landscape distributors (and at shops such as Lowe’s as well as Residence Depot). The price to have a service provider mount a course or outdoor patio is approximately $4 to $6 per square foot, relying on problems as well as whether stabilizers are added. If you do it on your own, the expense will have to do with fifty percent that quantity.

For a resin-coated DG driveway, which has a surface area similar to asphalt (yet is permeable), the cost is greater. A neighborhood driveway installer is the most effective source for expense details.

In a decomposed granite garden, a mix of edibles (in raised beds) and also ornamentals including low-water perennials and succulents exist together happily. The excellent Agave parryi succulents flanking the facility walkway “started as small infants” in the crushed rock.


Decomposed Granite Wrap-up

  • Has several of the advantages of crushed rock– the crunchy sound, the softened appearance, the leaks in the structure– without several of the disadvantages: It stays solid underfoot.
  • As it begins to weather as well as deteriorate, it’s simple to add even more.
  • Soft, all-natural appearance.
  • Could be made use of to smooth transitions between garden and also wild.
  • Supplies excellent drainage.
  • Exceptional compost material.
  • Low-cost.
  • Sticks to shoes– various surface materials are required near a house, plus a mat, to keep material out of residence (will scrape floorings).
  • Good option under huge trees where grass will not grow.
  • Keeps dust down.

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