Complete DIY Guide To Build Garage Storage Lofts

You may not be fully aware about the maximum capacity of your garage until you start investing in storage lofts.

A lot of experts nowadays highly recommend keeping things off the floor for added efficiency and convenience.

You get to eliminate a lot of eyesores by keeping the area free of clutter.

These are relatively stable and safe and are considered a vital part of the whole system.

What Garage Storage Lofts Can Do

The idea revolves around using up excess space above the roof of your vehicle.

The higher your garage ceiling, the bigger the storage capacity.

More Loft Tips and Reminders

When planning which items to store overhead, it is recommended to organize them properly according to frequency of use.

For shorter garage ceilings, you may be better off with loft models that do not have built-in steps.

Try to find an old 10-foot wooden or aluminum ladder so you can access different points easily.

Make sure that the ladder is taller than the loft.

Sample of Overhead Garage Storage

Picture of Ceiling Garage Storage

Variety of Wall Garage Storage

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