60 Inspiring Best Modern Fireplace Mantel Ideas

Winter is coming. This is the expression that popularized on Game of Thrones.

But today we wouldn’t talk about the series, whatever kind of ‘winter’ that is coming for you; we should prepare to make our house cozy during the snow falls.

When the winter comes, the fireplace becomes the heart of the house as the family members would gather around there.

When the fire starts to rise and the warmth spread all over the room, winter is not an enemy that we should worry about.

The living room is still the best place to hang out and watch the TV.

The fireplace is not something that we need during the winter, but it could be the focal point of the room.

Yep, the modern fireplace mantel that matches with the grand theme of the living room make everything looks perfect.

So it is important to choose the fireplace mantel that has the same theme with the interior design.

If you have medieval themed interior style, then you should choose the fireplace mantel that has similar theme. Otherwise, you will ruin the main theme of the room.

The next time you want to change the fireplace mantel, choose wisely or you will regret it.

Talking about the fireplace mantel, its actual function is protecting the surrounding from the heat.

The mantel will block the heat since the very start of the burning.

Thanks to the fireplace mantel so you can put various ornaments around or above it.

Most of people put their giant flat screen TV right above the fireplace and without the mantel, it is impossible not to see your TV burnt after you light up the fire.

Also, the mantel would protect any other ornaments that you put around the fireplace by keep it cool at room temperature.

In short, the mantel will keep the fire smolder without giving any damage.

Type of Fireplace Mantel Materials

Before we talk about modern fireplace mantel ideas that fit with your interior design, it would be better if you know several types of material that used for the fireplace mantel. That way you can consider which one is the best that fit with the safety level you want.

  1. Steel

This is one of the most popular materials for fireplace mantel. It is durable, safe, and also would absorb the heat and keep the surrounding at room temperature.

People like this material as it comes in various type finishes so you can customize it with the interior design of your house. It fits for the modern styled house because the steel fireplace enhances the luxury and elegance. The only drawback of this material is that the cost is very expensive.

  1. Concrete

The industrial style is now famous thanks to minimalist principle. The concrete is amazing because with just simple touch, it enhances the clean, natural finish and gives the modern feel at the same time.

You can customize texture or lines to match the interior or just leave it just the way it is.

  1. Stone

You might think that stone fireplace would not go along with the contemporary style but you were wrong.

The stone brings charm and warm ambiences; it suits the modern interior by giving the balance. The best part about stone fireplace is that this material absorbs heat, warms the interior way faster, and keeps it longer.

  1. Brick

If you think that stone fireplace will drain your budget, you can change the option and choose brick fireplace instead.

Even though it looks traditional and classic, but it suits with the modern interior design by adding different atmosphere in the room. Bricks are available in a number of different colors and size so you can always customize the pattern.

  1. Tile

Last but not least, the tile would be an alternative for the modern fireplace mantel. Tiles are available in many sizes, materials, colors, and also patterns so you have the freedom to design your favorite fireplace mantel. Plus, with just affordable material you can build something luxurious which everyone thinks it’s expensive.

Modern Fireplace Mantel Ideas

Once you find the best material that fit your desire, it is time to pour the ideas that might help you decide which style suits your interior design. Are you ready?

  1. Luxurious Black Marble

Sometimes you need to be bold when it comes about decorating the living room of your dream. If you have a large space on there, the black marble fireplace with concrete mantel would be the best selection.

The black marble might drain your budget, but it is worth as it shows the luxury and looks aesthetic at the same time. Also, the black marble will contrast with the flames and creating unique scenery inside your house.

  1. Matte Black

It is okay if you have classic wooden styled interior. And bringing steel matte black fireplace mantel will create modern look on there.

The combination of rustic, contemporary, and elegance will blow all the guests that gathers on your living room. Now, even though you have traditional style living room, the matte black fireplace modernize the part underneath the TV.

  1. Neutral Fireplace

When you run out of ideas for modern fireplace mantel, you can leave it to blend with the wall. If you have tiles wall, for example, then use the same tiles texture for the outer part of the fireplace mantel.

The neutral touch might not give something different, but it shows that the fireplace unites the whole room with the same concept.

  1. Metallic

When the matte black gives unexpected look that brings warmth, the metallic fireplace mantel shows the modern of the room.

It also steals the attention with the striking color – showing that you need to tell everyone that you have excellent taste about interior design.

Those are several modern fireplace mantel ideas that would help you decide which type suits the best with your room. You can take a look at our gallery for more inspiring fireplace mantel ideas.

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