DIY Double Doors a.k.a French Doors Ideas

A beautiful house is not only making everyone in the house feel comfortable but also feel secure. One of the most important part of a beautiful house is the design. The design of beautiful house includes the design for the windows, doors, and other interior and exterior things for the house.

Door is one of the important parts of the house because it will secure the house from everything outside the house. Nowadays, the design of doors becomes something that’s really important for someone or family who lives in a house because door is not only to secure the house but also can also make the house becomes beautiful.

One of the ways to make beautiful doors is using Do It Yourself (DIY) method. Right now, in terms of design, French Doors becomes one of popular designs for door especially in DIY method.

French Doors can be the best option for you who like to enjoy the view but also want some privacy. With simple and elegant design, you can satisfy your desire to have a beautiful door for your beautiful house.

DIY French Doors can be your way to have beautiful French doors for your house. The model of this door is really popular and people nowadays are really like this kind of model for their door on their house.

It can be your idea to make your beautiful door for your house. Despite of it, sometimes we still do not know how to make it but do not need to worry because in this article we can see how to make DIY French Doors!

Designing DIY French Doors for Your House

Do you like your French doors to have a unique design, simple design, or elegant design? With DIY French Doors you can make your own design for your own French doors. You can make your French doors with the options of the standards of French doors which are In-swing or Out-swing. You also can choose the materials for your own French doors such as glass, wood, color, and also the size of your own French Doors.

Designing your own French doors is the first things that you should do because with the design that you made, you can see the result of your French doors and you can add more on your French doors and these are the important things that you should do when designing your own French doors:

  1. Prepare your materials

The first thing that you should do when designing your own French doors is preparing your materials such as woods, glass, paint, and other things that you would use in the making of DIY French Doors.

  1. Measure the woods and glass

Don’t forget to measure the wood and glass that you would use for your DIY French Doors. You can choose either 1 foot 6 inches for your own French doors or 1 foot 8 inches. This is based on your house space for your doors.

  1. Choose your own decoration or design

This is your time to be creative and put your creativity on your design for your French doors. Just like what’s in this article said, Do It Yourself!

Installing Your DIY French Doors

After designing your own French doors, this is the time for you to install your own design of your French doors. With all the materials and the designs of your own DIY French Doors you can start to install your French doors.

  1. Cut the woods

Firstly, you need to cut your woods that have been measured to the size that you want. To cut the pieces in order to size, you can use a miter saw and for the arch you can use jigsaw. You need to make the door becomes a frame for the glass that would be installed inside the frame. The amount of frame that you want to make is depends on what you want.

  1. Paint your door

Secondly, before we put the glass into the frame, we should paint the frame with the paint that we have prepared before. Paint the door until the color of the paint coloring all of part of the frame with your color of pain that you had chosen.

  1. Place the glass into the frame

Thirdly, after the frame has been designed, you need to put the glass into the frame. Put it carefully and make sure it matches with the frame before you install your own DIY French Doors. The glass should have the same amount as the frame.

  1. Put the hardware of the door

Fourthly, after you place the glass, don’t forget to put the hardware of the door such as door knobs, hinges, and striker plates. You can also put another hardware for the door such as a locking system to make your house feel secure.

  1. Install your own DIY French Doors

Fifthly, this is your time to install your own DIY French Doors. Place the door on the space that you have prepared before. Make the door straight up and see if it is already correctly placed and then you need to screw the frame to make it secure permanently.

  1. Test your French doors

Lastly, after you have installed everything including the door itself, you need to test your DIY French Doors if it works perfectly or there is something that you need to fix it. After all that test, you can use your French doors from now on.

There are some ways to install your own DIY French Doors. You can also make another French door for another door in your house and not only one door. Put all of your creativity to your doors inside your house.

Making something with our hands and without wasting much more money would be something that make us happy especially if it is for our house that we lived. In this DIY French Doors tutorial, you can also share your own creativity for your house especially for the door that makes you and your family secure.

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