Top 5 Simple Wood Garage Cabinets Ideas You’ll Love

Garage is a multifunctional space where we put almost ‘everything’ on there. By ‘everything’ I mean it is garbage that we don’t want to throw away because maybe we need those things in the future

. So don’t be shy if your garage is disorganized because there are a lot of things that shouldn’t be there. Whether you want it or not, you need to think about cleaning and organizing all the stuffs that stuffed in the garage. The best solution is using garage cabinets so we can put the stuffs based on the categories. That is the only way we can clean the mess that always there.

Even though there are various cabinet materials, but the wooden cabinet is the best option for your garage. It is different than the plastic cabinets that couldn’t stand the weight of the tools you keep inside it, or the metal cabinets that will drain your savings account because it is very expensive, the wood cabinets are cheap, durable, and also easy to install.

When you want to customize your personal design, you can apply those wood garage cabinets ideas to create the design that fit with your garage size and style. You can hire the best craftsmanship in your town to personalize your design and it won’t cost you as expensive as the metal cabinets.

The wood garage cabinets might be look dull over time. At this point, you need to decide whether you want to replace it with the new one – which will cost you more money, or try one of the wood garage cabinets ideas that will help you to make the old cabinets look like new.

Of course, you need to think about every possibility because each step you take has both deficiency and advantages. You need to choose it wisely so you will not regret it in the future and you can have the garage cabinets of your dream.

Wood Garage Cabinets Ideas

There are a lot of wood cabinet ideas for the garage that you can steal and apply so you can solve this problem. You need a little bit of your creativity to try one of these ideas, or all of them, and keep the garage as clean as your living room.

What most people do is hiring expert to customize their cabinets so they will find the perfect cabinets that match the size, space, and the price. But if you want to try the Do It Yourself method, you can try one of these garage cabinet ideas!

  1. Upgrade with Paint

You don’t need to do makeover to your garage since it will cost very expensive. Instead, you just need to re-paint the cabinets with new color. This is an affordable method because all you need to do is painting the whole cabinets.

You can try this twist; use any other tinted chalkboard paint to label each cabinet so you know which tool goes where and keep everything in the right place. Both of the paint and chalkboard is very cheap and has color variations that can match your desire.

  1. Floating Wood Cabinets

I know it is just garage, not library, but when the trick works in your garage too, why not? Floating cabinets could be the solution of the garage and you can take advantage of your walls while keep the floor space wide open. The mess that usually happens on the floor would disappear thanks to the floating cabinets.

The best part about the floating cabinets is that you can install it on each wall. These cabinets are suitable for those who have small garage. So, if you still use extra large cabinets that just add to the mess, then it is time to change it with the floating wood cabinets. It is cost-saving and space-saving at the same time!

  1. Cabinets with Sliding Doors

Sometimes it is not the cabinets that fill the space, but it is the door. Instead of using wood garage cabinets that have a lot of doors, use cabinets with sliding door so it won’t fill the outer space when you open it.

The sliding door is Japanese fine method that has been proven effective to save the space. You can use this too for the cabinets so the next time you want to store or take out some stuffs, it will not get messy.

  1. Side Hooks on Wooden Cabinets

One of the best wood garage cabinets ideas is by maximizing the space around the cabinets. If you already using wooden cabinets for the garage, then you just need to add some hooks on each side of it.

Sometimes not everything would fit inside the cabinets so instead of adding more cabinets, you just need to install the hooks so you can hang your tools on the sides. The hooks would fit for you to store the ski board, helmets, gloves, or any other things that you use regularly. That’s the key so you don’t need to open and close the cabinets’ doors again and again.

  1. Cornet Cabinets

We like to leave the corner space empty without any furniture or cabinets that could be useful to store our stuffs. The upper corner side of the garage must have enough space to install wood cabinets.

Don’t leave that part empty if you can use it to store your stuffs. If you can’t find corner wooden cabinets for the garage, then you can ask the carpenter to build it for you. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have exact plans or model for this because you can steal it from the corner kitchen cabinet plans. Besides, it doesn’t matter how your cabinets look like as long as it provides space to your stuffs, it is good to go.

At the end of this part, I would like to remind you that these wood garage cabinets ideas are only a brief guide that maybe could help you keeping the garage clean. You can dig and find more cabinet ideas that would match your personal desire.

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