Common Garage Door Colors and Ideas

Sometimes people will judge your house by the appearance from the outside. It is normal because came on, I’m sure everyone ever judged a house they saw during the morning walk.

In order to fulfill the curiosity, we would imagine what the interior look like as if it is not enough to see the design from the outside.

In short, you need to make sure that the whole appearance of your house has the same design, concept, and style, including the garage. The garage door could play huge role on this case, so you need garage door ideas that will match with the grand design of the house.

Of course, the design of your garage door should be corresponding with the facade to bring harmony. You need to think about the style, the size, and also the garage door colors to ensure that everything is perfect.

The style should match with the whole concept as a house. Meanwhile the size of the garage door should give perfect proportion to the front door entrance, the yard, and also the size of the house. Just make sure that the garage door is neither too big nor small. Last, the color of the garage door will help it blend it with the overall tones.

Inspiring Garage Door Ideas

We have a lot of stylish garage door ideas that might give you inspiration to choose the one that suits with your home design. Which garage door ideas you think is the most enlightening?

  1. Wood and Glass Garage Door

This is the classic option for the garage door, the combination of wooden material as the base panel with small square glass window that brings the natural light inside.

When it comes about this style there are a lot of types and models you can choose, from the single or double door. In short, you can customize the garage door based on the right size.

  1. Semi-Transparent Garage Door

If you dare enough to show off the cars collection to the other people, the semi-transparent garage door would be the best option! The semi-transparent materials are made out of frosted polycarbonate, which is colorless, so you can see the light of the cars from the outside even though when the door is closed.

The best part about this idea is that you don’t need to think about the garage door colors. During the day, you can see the color of the cars and its shapes. Just make sure that you live in safe neighborhood so no one would try to steal your cars.

  1. Traditional Garage Door

For some people, the traditional garage door design that comes with arched detail on the top and the door made out of neat wood is what they need in order to corresponding with the stone-wall facade.

You can choose this design as long as it matches the architecture design. Aside from its vintage look, the traditional garage door is affordable as well. The garage door colors that fit with this style is dark or brown.

  1. Grid-like Pattern Garage Door

Another option for the garage door that commonly used by most U.S homeowners, the grid-like pattern sometimes come along with black and white tone that gives contrast.

There are a lot of options for this style, some of them are made out of full solid wood and some people choose to add semi-transparent glass on the top of the panel. Whichever type you choose, this garage door fits with any kind of house design.

  1. Metal Pull and Up Garage Door

Last but not least, the metal pull and up garage door could fit with your home design. It doesn’t require special treatment during the installation process. It matches with any kind of facade design, whether you have exposed brick wall, concrete wall, or the stone and wood facade concept. Plus, it gives modern feel from the outside.

Those are several garage door ideas that would fit with the façade even though there are no exact rules to choose the garage door concept. Now, let’s talk about the garage door colors that are also affects the façade.

Garage Door Colors Options

  • Beige

This color is suitable for those who have brick or stone wall on the facade. The beige or taupe garage door blends seamlessly with the whole concept of the house. This is perfect for those who want conformity for every aspect of the house.

  • White

This is the most common garage door color that used by the most American homeowners. White is a neutral color so it fits with any kind of façade design. Besides, white shows elegance look so it will help you enhance the appearance of the house.

  • Black

The second most common tone for the garage door is black. It suits with modern and minimalist house design that is usually only has one color; black or dark. The best part about this tone is when you put a great lighting outside the garage. The color will absorb the light and make it looks elegant.

  • Walnut Brown

Walnut brown is one of the most popular garage door colors as it brings warmth feeling and traditional atmosphere from the outside. This color is also suitable for those who have retreat house or vintage design. When you choose wooden garage door, choose brown as the color and you will be satisfied with the result.

  • Gray

If you want something calm, neutral, and also classy, the soft gray would be the best selection to dye the garage door. Also, it has the same brightness that white color offers so it matches with any other facade design.

Now you know several garage door ideas and which color that goes along with the façade. One thing to remember, each garage door material has the perfect pair of color that will show the character. So be careful in choosing the garage door colors so you will find the best tone that suits the materials that used.

Garage Doors Ideas Pictures

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