60 Hardwood Flooring Ideas You’ll Love

Hardwood Floors Add Useful Sophistication to Your Home

Timber flooring does not simply look wonderful. It elevates the account of your house, specifically when it comes time to offer. The tidy, traditional look of hardwood flooring adds an air of elegance to any type of area and can last for decades ahead.

But how do you understand what sort of hardwood flooring is right for you? There are a great deal of various variables to think about prior to choosing your timber species and also setup type. Have a look below at the different types of timber types as well as see which one best fits your demands.

Hardwood Flooring Styles

Locating the appropriate varieties of timber is really an issue of individual taste and task spending plan. We’ve highlighted the significant advantages of each so you can choose just what ideal fits your requirements.

Sorts of wood varieties:


Oak has actually been utilized as flooring for centuries and is one of the most popular flooring selection due to its resilience as well as style. The grain oak provides is extremely suitable for flooring, and the wood really enhances as well as looks better as it ages.


Bamboo flooring is used for a selection of reasons and among the most helpful is straightforward maintenance. Bamboo is one of the most environmentally pleasant flooring alternatives and is also more immune to water than regular hardwood.


This flooring supplies most of the exact same advantages of oak or various other more difficult woods with a less expensive cost. Hickory is likewise extra stable than other more difficult woods, like red oak, making it terrific for even more humid environments in order to help withstand bending in time.


Walnut is an extremely appealing hardwood that’s likewise known for being very sturdy. While walnut is typically a little extra pricey than various other types of hardwood, like hickory or maple, it’s also relatively easy to set up and maintain.


This is just one of the most resilient and also economical flooring options available. Maple hardwood flooring is also really simple to preserve, as a simple cleaning will work. Or for a fresh, new look, a straightforward scrub with soap as well as water will certainly work even years after the initial installation.


Cork flooring is resistant to fracturing and abrasions, as well as is impermeable to fluids as well as gases. It also offers a comfortable pillow under your feet, is resistant to mold and also termites, and acts as an all-natural acoustic/thermal insulator.


This unique timber is also more powerful than maple or hickory. Tigerwood flooring also supplies a dramatic shade variety and incredible durability. It’s perfect for any type of hardwood or engineered hardwood floors.


While lots of refer to this as phony timber flooring, laminate wood flooring is in fact made from compressing items of wood together at heats. A picture of hardwood is put over the composite wood to earn the laminate. This laminate is much cheaper than regular hardwood as well as simpler to cleanse as well as keep.

Timber Floor tile:

While this is merely floor tile that resembles wood, the look, really feel as well as durability are extremely comparable. It’s less expensive compared to actual hardwood flooring as well as excellent for wet areas, like the kitchen or the washroom, where numerous are reluctant to put genuine timber.

Hardwood Installation Kinds

Hardwood floors could be mounted on any kind of level of your house. They’re offered in multiple constructions to permit installation adaptability over different subfloors and to alleviate moisture.

Engineered timber flooring is a popular hardwood installment selection as a result of its stability and also flexibility, in addition to its resistance to wetness and also moisture. Made from layers of actual timber pressed with each other, this kind of flooring is best for basements, rooms with a concrete subfloor or any kind of area where humidity and also dampness may exist. Engineered wood flooring can likewise be installed over radiant heating systems, making it suitable for heated flooring.

Strong hardwood flooring is an additional typical alternative. While it could not be as immune to moisture and also moisture as engineered hardwood flooring, it offsets it with a lengthy life and also a rich, attractive look. Solid hardwood flooring is most generally mounted in living areas, eating spaces, bedrooms and also kitchen areas. Although despite the space, top notch solid hardwood flooring options make certain to leave your spaces looking wonderful for generations to find. But make certain to note that the typical glue-down installment approach can not be finished with solid hardwood flooring.

Nevertheless, there are numerous different installation techniques. One of the most usual is tongue and groove. Tongue-and-groove building is merely an approach of placing floor boards together, edge by side, to develop a flat surface area. The boards can then be nailed, glued or stapled down. Securing hardwood flooring is also typical, which is simply syntheticed hardwood flooring with a locking tongue-and-groove system. This is commonly one of the simplest installation methods as it calls for no staples, nails or glue.

In addition to wood types as well as setup kind, color range is also a vital aspect to consider. Some individuals like prefinished hardwood so they don’t need to finish it themselves, while others choose the unfinished appearance, or to get unfinished hardwood, to use their own custom-made surface. A lot of domestic varieties of timber come in a variety of colors as well as typically aren’t discolored due to the fact that their all-natural shade is distinctive. Lots of unique varieties are photosensitive and also require direct exposure to sunshine to attain their desired abundant color. The course you take really just depends on your choice.

Slab size can likewise quickly alter the appearance of a floor. For instance, with vast plank hardwood flooring, there are fewer joints that could be seen in the floor. Wider slabs are terrific for showcasing the all-natural appeal of the wood, particularly with hickory as well as tigerwood flooring.

Hardwood Flooring Brands

When picking the right hardwood flooring alternative for you, brand name is one more crucial factor to think about. Popular hardwood flooring brand names include Shaw flooring, Bruce hardwood flooring and Mohawk flooring.

Hardwood Setup Solutions

If you favor to leave it to the specialists, Lowe’s deals hardwood floor setup services, where we’ll have an expert mount your stunning new floor for you.

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