Rustic Hardwood Flooring Tips and Suggestion

The rustic hardwood flooring would be the best selection even though it is a little bit expensive. But many homeowners satisfied with their preference because the hardwood flooring adds luxurious atmosphere inside the house.

Whether you use it on the kitchen, the living room, or the front porch, the hardwood flooring always gives different ambience in compared to any other flooring materials. So, the next time you think about which kind of flooring that will elevate your house’s value, put the hard flooring at the top of the list. You won’t regret your decision since the very first time they install the floor.

The hardwood flooring is available in 3 different models. It gives you freedom to choose which varieties that match your desire. You can choose the strip, parquet, or the plank that will show different ambience once it is installed.

Keep in mind that each of them has different installation technique and maybe you need to hire expert so you will install it properly. Based on my suggestion, the strip and parquet is suitable for the living room as it gives distinct texture and show the aesthetics value. Meanwhile the plank hardwood flooring fits on the kitchen or bedroom.

Many of them said that hardwood floor requires extra attention and maintenance, but the fact says different about it. It doesn’t need a lot of attention and care. As long as you clean it regularly, whether it is sweeping or mopping, the hardwood floor will last longer.

Besides, most of the hardwood floor materials are made out of high-quality wood and processed with high-end technology making it durable and stands any possible outcome that could damage it. Just make sure when you move a chair or any other furniture, you don’t grad it to prevent the scar on the surface.

Tips to Choose the Best Rustic Hardwood Flooring

As what we stated before, the rustic hardwood flooring might be the best choice for your home. But the very first thing you should know is how to decide which kind of hardwood floor that offers the quality.

Keep in mind that hardwood floor is pricey and I bet that you don’t want to lose your money for some scam and low-quality materials, do you? Even though there is no exact rule of how to choose the best hardwood floor, at least you know which one that you think is good.

The institution such as National Oak Flooring Manufacturers Association has their point of views in determining the quality of wood flooring. And here’s a brief review about the quality of wood flooring based on NOFMA.

  • Oak Wood

There are 4 different levels of oak wood flooring; Clear, Select, no. 1 Common, and no. 2 Common. The ‘Clear’ level has a few character marks and is more uniform in color. Meanwhile the ‘Select’ type offers a lot of variations in color and has particular character marks.

The ‘No. 1 Common’ has more appearance in colors, character marks, and also the mineral streaks. Last, the ‘No. 2 Common’ has rustic style with the regular character mark. If you want to have rustic hardwood flooring, then the ‘No. 2 Common’ is the best choice!

  • Engineered Wood

It is different than the hardwood that needs to be examined to check the details and grades, the engineered wood doesn’t require any of those things. Instead of making grades, the manufacturers label their products with brands. What makes each brand different among others are the finish, the milling, and also the veneer. The products are also available in varied length.

Usually, the products differ by level that shows its quality. The premium brand has no milling defects and has minimal character marks. Meanwhile the other grade offers natural marks and shows milling defects. And the cabin-grade floors sometimes have unlimited milling defects and marks.

If what you’re looking for is rustic hardwood flooring, the Oak Wood no. 2 Common would be the best selection for you floor. Whether you install it on the kitchen, bedroom, or living room, the floor will add the rustic appearance that you want.

Hardwood Flooring Ideas

At this point, we will discuss about the flooring ideas that become the trend this year. I know that many people talk about what’s new and which one is better, I just want to show you the clue and you can decide your own style.

  1. Types

You might have dropped your choice to the Oak Tree, but if you want another insight, there are other types of wood flooring that you might want to know. The Reclaimed, Cork, Bamboo, or American-made is now popular among the homeowners. If you want alternative for the Oak Tree, you can choose one of these types for your new floor.

  1. Colors

Another thing to consider before you choose the rustic hardwood flooring ideas is the color that matches the whole interior. There are many color variations, from dark to light, and blonde to honey. Let’s make it simple, if you want to show the elegance look, choose the dark/espresso color.

  1. Textures

There are only 3 texture variations that you can choose for the flooring ideas, the Handscraped, Wirebrushed, or the Distressed. The texture and color could give huge different on your interior appearance. So be careful in choosing the texture and colors.

  1. Patterns

The next thing is about the pattern. As we know that wood flooring has different patterns that will affect the result. You can choose either diagonal, stacked bricks, wide planks, or the herring bone. It is up to you just be creative with the pattern and be bold.

  1. Finishes

The Oil, Satin, or Matte, that’s the only choices available for the flooring. Keep in mind that each of that finish requires different maintenance level. If you want something easy and have low-maintenance, choose the Matte.

Those are everything you should know before you apply the rustic hardwood flooring ideas. Pay attention to the details because it will affect the result.

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