60 Best Harley Quinn Costumes Ideas That Will Make You Stand Out From The Crowd

Come Oct. 31; there are going to be a lot of Harley Quinns walking the roads. After her big screen launching in Suicide Team, where Margot Robbie played her, Harley Quinn is now every person’s favored anti-hero. With her blue as well as red hair, sparkly jewelry, short shorts, and also loud personality Harley is additionally one of the most well-known participants of the Team.

Simply put, she’s a Halloween-lovers desire revived. Because Harley Quinn is so popular, there is no scarcity of Harley Quinn Halloween outfits readily available for acquisition this period. If you want to buy yourself among those as well as stop, after that be my visitor. However, if you favor trying your hand at a Do It Yourself Harley Quinn outfit, or just a non-booty shorts version of the costume, here are a few suggestions.

The majority of Harley Quinn costumes include her signature crime-fighting appearance: red and also blue booty shorts, a “Father’s Little Beast” tee shirt, fishnet leggings, a “Home of the Joker” bomber coat, and even a red and blue wig. Basically, the outfit is Harley Quinn’s very own superhero costume.

Why spruce up like Clark Kent if you can dress up like Superman? That stated, there are a few other variations of Harley Quinn you can be for Halloween, like Belle Reve inmate Harley Quinn or pre-arrest Harley Quinn. Right here’s exactly how you can make your own, distinct Harley Quinn costume for Halloween.

Things To Become Harley Quinn


Harley Quinn’s tattoos are a crucial part of her identification in Self-destruction Team. However, they can be challenging to recreate. If you have a steady hand and also some perfect liquid eyeliner, feel free to attempt to draw a heart on your cheek– follow this Harley Quinn make-up tutorial by NikkieTutorials for tips on exactly how to compose on your face. However, if you’re not super worked with, I advise abandoning the Do It Yourself for this as well as purchasing some official Self-destruction Squad Harley Quinn short-term tattoos.

Hair Color Spray

Harley’s hallmark multi-colored hair is an additional important detail for anyone wanting to be Harley Quinn for Halloween. The good news is, it’s a quite straightforward seek to put together: directly collect your hair right into two high pigtails and also spray color under half utilizing short-lived hair shade, like this Build Spray from Amazon

Iron-On Letters & Patches

If you want to Do It Yourself your means to a Harley Quinn outfit, then iron-on information are most likely to be your new buddies. Iron-on lettering can assist you to make whatever from Harley’s “Father’s Little Monster” tee shirt to her “Residential property of the Joker” jacket, all without spending loan on the main t-shirt as well as coat.

These Glitter Transformations Iron-On Letters from Michaels are ideal for turning ordinary apparel into Harley Quinn masterpieces. Depending upon how much effort/clothes you are willing to sacrifice to this Halloween costume, you can include most of Harley’s trademark phrases into your look– a “Puddin'” storage tank top, for example.

Orange Jumpsuit

Be Harley Quinn post-Suicide Squad journey by incorporating the tattoos and also temporary hair color with an orange one-piece suit, best for each Belle Reve prisoner.

This set of Red Kap Coveralls from WorkingPerson.com been available in bright orange and are multi-purpose– use them next year to commemorate Halloween as your preferred Orange is the New Black prisoner or Poe Dameron from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Plus, you can quickly include some of those iron-on letters to the one-piece suit to spell out “Belle Reve,” or whatever your Harley Quinn-loving heart desires.

A Crazy Fun Mindset

Harley’s largest property: her fun, adversary may care attitude. Stroll into your Halloween party sensation complimentary and prepared for some activity, as well as you’ll be the Harley Quinn MVP.

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