60 Best Medicine Cabinet Ideas For Your House

A lot of medicine cabinets appear as well as in some cases drab from use and also age. If your home has an old medicine cabinet or you’re searching for a much better arranged, vibrant medicine cabinet, revamp your existing or standard contractors grade medicine cabinet to offer it a makeover.

Ways To Makeover Your Medicine Cabinet


Clear out your medicine cabinet and also remove any old medicine as well as toiletries that are expired, vacant or you no longer utilize. Then, alloted all the items you intend to keep in your medicine cabinet in a box or on the counter.

  • If your medicine cabinet is plastic or glass, spray a little bit of glass cleaner or one more mild cleanser on the shelves and also wipe off with paper towels or a tidy dustcloth.
  • If your medicine cabinet is constructed from timber, carefully wipe down the shelves and sides of the cabinet with a remedy of water and vinegar. This will certainly additionally get rid of any type of odors from moisture.

Keep the cabinet open to completely dry as well as you no longer scent the cleanser or vinegar.


After you clear out your medicine cabinet, think about how you intend to decorate it.

If your medicine cabinet is a wooden constructed in, you can paint it to provide it a new look.

  1. To painting the cabinet, remove any removable shelves or doors and set aside any equipment.
  2. Then, tape off any kind of sections and hardware (such as a knob and also joints) you do not wish to be repainted with painter’s tape.
  3. Likewise, tape along the beyond the cabinet so you don’t obtain any kind of paint outside of the cabinet.
  4. When all non-painted areas are taped off, sand all the paintinged locations with high grit sandpaper to prep the surface. Wipe off all fined sand locations with a moist rag to get rid of any sanding dust.
  5. Then, apply multiple thin layers of primer up until the entire area is covered. Let the guide extensively completely dry.
  6. After the primer is completely dry, use multiple slim coats of paint. Let the paint completely dry at the very least 24 Hr prior to connecting doors, hinges or knobs.

Suggestion: If your bathroom has a window, open it to aerate the room while paint. If you do not have a home window, switch on the shower room exhaust follower or area a huge fan in the room as well as open all doors.

If your medicine cabinet is constructed from plastic, get rid of the shelves and also apply any one of the complying with to the rear of the cabinet to add a little bit of color:

  • Wrapping paper
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Aluminum foil
  • Wallpaper
  • Material

You could apply any one of the above items with double-sided tape or spray adhesive. After the support remains in area, placed any eliminated shelves back into place.

Pointer: If you live in an apartment or condo or rental home, take into consideration utilizing an easily detachable tape or adhesive.


Organize your medicine cabinet to maintain it nice as well as neat and to conveniently access your things. The complying with can help you maintain your medicine cabinet arranged:

  • Small bowls or containers to keep cotton bud, cotton rounds, precious jewelry and also sample-size fragrances or fragrances.
  • Tiny glasses or mugs to store razors, tooth brushes, tubes of medicine or tooth paste as well as combs and brushes.
  • Little square boxes or baskets to store and organize any products you want, such as separating products for each shower room customer.

Organizing your medicine cabinet not only makes it simpler to discover and grab your day-to-day things, yet to likewise different things for roommates as well as pairs.

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