60 Best Patio Umbrella Ideas for Your Backyard

In areas of your lawn where there typically aren’t overhead outside roof coverings or awnings– which could be everywhere or a remote spot– an umbrella uses the ideal solution. It will certainly provide color precisely where and when you desire some while including a touch of shade and also a certain panache to your landscape. The majority of outside umbrellas determine anywhere from 5 to 11 feet in size atop a post that is positioned right into an opening in your outside dining table or is secured by a heavy umbrella base. Using a crank on top of the post, you could elevate or reduce the canopy of the umbrella. Appears pretty easy.

Examine Your Landscape

Before you go purchasing an outside umbrella, assess the lay of the landscape, both hardscape as well as softscape (the garden, or stuff that grows in the ground and also in containers). If the umbrella is to supply shade for a patio table, measure the table. Many exterior tables come in typical sizes, yet you intend to make certain that the canopy will certainly cover your table, especially if it is a larger table that seats eight or more. Furthermore, you don’t intend to buy an umbrella that will certainly overpower your table if it is a smaller table that seatses 2 or 4.

Here’s where analyzing your landscape enters into play. Take into consideration:

The place of your outdoor table in relation to your residence’s roof or overhang. Will a large patio umbrella– 10 feet or even more– touch the roofing system? Ideally, some area should exist in between the roof or overhang as well as the umbrella.

Where will the umbrella be situated in relation to your grill, exterior cooking area, or interior kitchen area? Let’s put it in this manner you do not desire the umbrella near the open fires of a grill. It’s just not secure. It would certainly also disturb the flow of traffic.

Sizes of Umbrellas

As stated, when it concerns umbrellas, table size issues.

Table dimension (size): 30 to 36 inches– Umbrella size (size): 6 to 8 feet

Table size: 38 to 48 inches– Umbrella dimension: 9 to 11 feet

Table size: 54 to 60 inches– Umbrella size: 11 feet or bigger

Sorts Of Outdoor Umbrellas

When you go shopping for an umbrella, don’t get puzzled as well as purchase a beach umbrella– it just won’t do the job. The types of umbrella that you’ll more than likely find online or at shops include:

Sunshades: This style is sort of like a rounded disc on a post, as well as is meant to shade someone. You may have seen a team of sunshades at a premium hotel, poolside, near individual chaise lounges

Market: These have been popular for numerous years, and also generally suggest that they are better or larger property umbrellas, like the kind you would see shading diners on the patio of a coffee shop. Market umbrellas are octagonal as well as have ducted tops.

Pagoda: These are Asian-inspired parasol-style umbrellas that have more of an architectural, or Japanese pagoda-like shape. Pier 1 lugs a few pagoda-style outdoor umbrellas.

Cantilever: This type does not get inserted into that hole in your patio table; instead, its base and also pole are offset away from the area to be shaded. This works for lots of situations that need color: tables without holes, small tables, easy chair near a swimming pool, or a deep-seating set. A plus– it does not get in the way and can be adjusted as the sunlight steps.

Logo design Umbrellas: You have actually seen them– they market your favorite sports group or brand name of beer. This kind of umbrella is frequently seen at cafes as well as bars, however are a popular method to personalize your backyard and also let every person recognize that you’re rootin’ for, team- or brew-wise.

Commercial-Grade Umbrellas: These are the sturdy types you see at restaurants or other exterior locations and are built to stand up to the components.

Umbrella structures are commonly constructed from timber, aluminum or fiberglass. One of the most common product is aluminum, which is likewise the material you will see frequently on umbrella posts. If made appropriately with the ideal coating, it withstands all type of weather. Timber frameworks, especially an outdoor-tolerant wood like teak wood, ipe or eucalyptus, is additionally a preferred product for umbrellas but is much more pricey. As an alternative to aluminum, fiberglass is lightweight, adaptable, non-corrosive as well as stands up in numerous weather.


Traditional versions utilize a low-tech pulley to open up and shut the umbrella. Lots of owners of pulley styles end up leaving the umbrellas open during the season, because it takes some muscle to open it, and afterwards a huge, attached pin secures it in position. With a crank, you wind it open or closed, and also it needs to secure area when it’s come to its ultimate-crank destination. The pulley-block system can be tough to run as well as a specific amount of stamina is needed.

More costly or intricate designs have extra options, normally using a crank. Other tilt opportunities consist of push-button and an automated, or auto-tilt, where you can turn the crank to tilt the umbrella in a couple of (or numerous) different settings.


Umbrella structures are traditionally created from wood, light weight aluminum or fiberglass. The most typical material is light weight aluminum, which is likewise the product you will certainly see most often on umbrella poles. If made appropriately with the appropriate finish, it stands up to all sort of weather conditions. A wood structure, specifically an outdoor-tolerant wood like teak, ipe or eucalyptus, is likewise a popular material for umbrellas, however is a lot more costly. As an option to light weight aluminum, fiberglass is lightweight, adaptable, non-corrosive as well as holds up in different weather.

Sunbrella, probably one of the most well-known name in outdoor fabrics, started making awnings in the very early 1960s. It took an additional Two Decade prior to they came to be a big name in textile for outside umbrellas, in addition to various other upholstered furnishings. Modern umbrellas use UV-resistant textiles that are constructed from artificial products and also are offered in a range of appearances, finishes, prints, solids and also colors.


Most, yet not all, umbrellas are rounded. Some are octagonal (referred to as market umbrellas); while more recent versions are rectangle-shaped, to color much longer, rectangle-shaped outdoor tables.

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