Make the Pea Gravel Driveway for Your Home

Front house is a part of your home that sometimes does not get more attention in case about design. It also just being your parking area without much touch in design. Now, you can design your front house to be better.

Even though it just being your place to park your car, it should have design touch too. You can make pea gravel driveway for the part of your front house.

Pea gravel driveway is smooth-rounded and also small stones that usually can be used on the driveways. The pea gravel can make your front house looks more natural because of the brown and white colour of the pea gravel. It is also cheaper and more friendly for the environmental so that it is safe not only for us but also for earth rather than the asphalt.

Now, how can we make the pea gravel driveway? Can we make it by ourselves? Yes! You can make the pea gravel driveway by yourself because it is so easy to make the pea gravel driveway by yourself.

Pea Gravel Driveway: Materials & Tools

Now it is time for us to make the pea gravel driveway. But before we make it, we need some materials and tools to make it. The materials and tools are really easy to find and is not heavy for you to work by yourself. There are some materials and tools for you to make the pea gravel driveway.

Materials & Tools:

  • Tape measure
  • Rake
  • Gloves for gardening
  • Shovel (long handled)
  • Plastic edging
  • Twine & pegs
  • Knife for work (utility knife)
  • Wheel barrel
  • Landscape fabric
  • Landscaping spray (you just need 2 colours)

There are some of the materials and tools that you will use to make the pea gravel driveway

Pea Gravel Driveway: Make It Now!

After we have all of those tools and materials, now it is time for us to make the pea gravel driveway by ourselves for our front house. You can follow some steps below to make the pea gravel driveway by yourself:

  • Prepare the area

Before we make pea gravel driveways, we should prepare the area at every side in order to be our area to make driveway. Choose the best area to make your driveway and make sure it prepared well. Draw it with one of the landscaping spray colour that you have roughly. Draw the shape and the width of your drivewayand use the other colour of the landscaping spray to finalize the size of the shape and width after you tape the first one with the tape measure.

  • Clear the area

Now, after you fix the size, width, and shape of the driveways, it is the time for you to clear the area. Clear the area from the tree, grass, plants, or soil using the shovel to remove them. After that, dig on the side and rake the surface using twine & pegs. Make sure the area that you will use as the driveway has cleared perfectly and can be used for your driveway.

  • Install the landscape edging and fabric

After that, you need to install the landscape edging and fabric. Before that, you need to measure the landscape fabric and cut it correctly using the utility knife cautiously. Moreover, cut it wide enough in order to cover the entire driveway sand cut it also at the edging. Now, install the edging!

  • Pour the pea gravel

This is what you have waited for. Pour the pea gravel on the driveways that you had made. When you want to pour it, you can use the barrel to spread it on the driveways that you had made. Spread the pea gravel from the first place to other place.

Use rake to do the levelling of each section when you finish pouring the pea gravel. Always make sure that it has levelling every area that had poured with pea gravel.

Making your front house beautiful can be the plus point for your home. We can make the front house is not only as your parking area but also as the beautiful place for parking area. In this case, we can make driveway for our front house.

We use the pea gravel as the material for our driveway because it can show natural vibes because the colour of the pea gravel can make the driveway of yours being beautiful and friendly for the environmental.

Using pea gravel as the main materials for your driveway is such as great decision because it is environmentally friendly than asphalt and also it is more beautiful than asphalt because of the natural colour of pea gravel. We also can make our own pea gravel driveway by ourselves because it is so easy to make it alone.

Pea gravel driveway just need simple and easy to find materials and tools so it would be easy for us to make it. With those simple materials and tools, you can make your own driveway by yourself. Start from preparing the area that you want to use as the area that will be the area of driveway.

Clear the area from everything that will disturb you such as grass, soil., tree and other things that will disturb using shovel and for this shovel you should use the long handled one. Install the landscape fabric and edging but make sure to measure correctly to make the pea gravel fit the driveway that you will use. And at the end, you just need to pour the pea gravel and make it leveling using rake.

With the simple materials, tools, and steps, you can make a beautiful driveway for your front house area. Also your parking area would feel different than before. It would be not only a pea gravel driveway but also a beautiful and environmental friendly view for you and other people. So, what are you waiting for? It is the right time for you to make the pea gravel driveway for your house!

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