The Pluses and Minuses of a Kitchen With Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are attractive. These all-natural rock surfaces can be found in a variety of shades as well as patterns, are incredibly long lasting, and also include a deluxe “really feel” to your residence, while also improving resale value. If you’re considering purchasing a residence with granite countertops– or adding them to your house– just what factors to consider should you bear in mind?


Granite utilized for countertops starts with extracting the rock, deep in the ground, and also sufficing into slabs, usually 9 to 10 feet long and 5 to 6 feet wide.

Most of the granite utilized as structure materials originates from Brazil, however some selections of brownish granite come from China.

As soon as extracted, the pieces are saw-cut.

Resin is related to load any kind of pits, securing the permeable surface.

Then the slab is treated in a stove. After healing, slabs are brightened and rubbed.


Your choices are virtually infinite.

Pieces come in light granite, dark granite, and also several tones between.

Granite’s all-natural veining is part of the appeal of the product.

Nonetheless, any seams needed for reducing and setting up sections will show up.

Selecting a darker color will certainly diminish the look of these installment joints, however natural granite will never “pair up,” so the joints will constantly be an apparent part of the counter top.


If you are having actually granite installed, it’s best to directly choose the piece you desire.

Pictures of “similar” slabs will not give you the true personality, tinting, or the veining of your particular piece.

As a normally created rock, the appearance of granite can vary hugely.

What you pick from a brochure or an on the internet image, could not accompany just what is supplied.

Daily Care

Usage only neutral pH cleansers on your granite, and also stay clear of acidic or alkaline cleaners.

Usually, a dishcloth wetted with a basic combination of meal soap as well as water will be great.

Additionally prevent making use of products having bleach and abrasive cleansers on any kind of granite surface.

Organic materials left on a granite surface for extended periods of time can seep into the granite and tarnish it.

Pay specific attention to subjecting the surface area to alcohol, vinegar, citrus juices, as well as cooking oil, which, if allowed to permeate into the surface, will tarnish it.

Choosing darker colors could assist, yet will certainly not remove the issue.

The most effective remedy is to clean up any kind of spills or residue from food promptly (by blotting, as opposed to wiping) and also to keep a resealing routine.


Granite countertops do require periodic resealing, normally every year, in order to preserve a non-porous surface.

You could have them secured expert, or do it on your own.

Because staining is the primary issue that triggers granite countertops to require changing, it’s vital to preserve a regular resealing routine.

Pots, Pans, Knives, and Glassware

Do not stress concerning hot (straight off the cooktop) frying pans.

They won’t leave a mark on granite countertops unless there is oil or a few other natural product on the pan that may seep right into the granite.

Temperature level is not a problem.

Knives will not harm the surface either, which is more difficult compared to marble as well as will not scrape as conveniently.

Your knives will not scratch the granite, but the granite will certainly dull your blades.

Among the largest “cons” of these super-tough surface areas is the convenience with which you can damage a special crystal bowl, china plate, or wine glass. Hardly touch one of these delicate products on granite and kiss it goodbye.


Many granite countertops will last DECADES, not simply a few years.

Your countertops will possibly last longer than your house, as well as with correct care, will certainly do so perfectly.

It is feasible to damage granite countertops, yet you really have to abuse them in uncommon methods.

If you struck the edge hard sufficient to chip it, you must conserve the piece( s) and also see if it can be epoxied back in place by a professional.


Granite is among one of the most costly counter top products on the market.

Expect to pay $100-300 each square foot for granite. Also higher rates prevail.

Installation is likewise expensive. Granite is unrelenting, compared with other counter choices.

A small mistake in setup could suggest tossing that area and also beginning again.

The cabinets called for to handle the weight of granite countertops could likewise a lot more costly than run-of-the-mill closets.


For some, radon may be a worry.

Any natural material that is harvested from the ground might include these contaminated minerals.

If you are concerned concerning radon in your kitchen area, however miniscule, you could test the piece you’ve selected, or have a specialist examination it for you.

Since rock is an all-natural product, the level of radon in each piece will be various and also could transform as the product ages.

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