Dark Granite Countertops Pros and Cons

The countertop is the main focus in the kitchen whether you put it on the center or corner of the room. It is not just a place to cut veggies or where you prep the meals, but the counter top is also something that adorns the whole kitchen as a concept. It is not surprising that people would do anything to create impressive countertop.

One of the things that people do to beautify the kitchen is by using the dark granite countertops. You need to know the plus minus granite countertop so you will understand how to keep the countertop clean and long lasting.

Choosing the material for the countertop is crucial because there would be so many things you do on there. The scratch, stain, or the burn on the countertop could be a simple thing that could ruin the whole beauty.

So, material choice is essential so you can find the best type of countertops that could stand all those possibility. You don’t need to go to the stores and test each of the countertop material types to know which one resisted to heat damage, abrasion, stains, and even the cuts. We already have a brief of countertops material types that popular in the US.

Top 5 Countertops Material Types

  1. Quartz

The first material which also popular among the US homeowners is Quartz. On the previous article, we have reviewed about the Quartz countertop secrets and facts so please read about it to know more about the real truth.

The best part about quartz countertop is that it looks like a real natural stone that shows luxury and elegance. Quartz countertop doesn’t need extra maintenance; as long as you keep the surface clean then it is durable. Also, it would stand stain, hot pots, serrated knives, and also the abrasive pads. The quartz countertop is available in various different colors, even some of them look exactly the same like granite or marble.

  1. Granite

This one is famous for its expensive price, quality, and luxury, especially dark granite countertops. Those three factors are what make granite become one of the most popular countertop material types that preferred by rich people. Every piece of granite is exquisite and rare, that’s why each slab cost you a lot of money. But hey, it is worthy!

Based on the several tests performed by the experts, the granite countertop could stand for cuts, heat, and also scratch. Also, matte finish and polished would resist more stain as long as it was sealed properly. The only drawback about granite is that you need to resealing it to prevent the stains.

  1. Marble

This one is classic material that preferred by many people around the world. Even though it is not as expensive as granite, the marble countertop gives you luxurious feel on the kitchen. It has natural-stone look without graining or veining. Also, the knives, heat, and heavy objects that hit the surface would not harm marble.

  1. Laminate

Thanks to technology we have another option for the cheap countertop table. With laminate technique, you can choose any kind of styles for the countertops. The laminate countertop will give luxurious feel because you can laminate it to look like a granite, marble, or even any other natural stones.

Aside from the affordable price, the laminate countertop is easy to install. But of course, there’s consequence when you choose cheap product. On this case, even though the laminate could stand the heat and stain, but cutting something directly on top of it might damage the surface.

  1. Recycled Glass

Last, the recycled glass offers modern look for affordable price. It also resists cuts, heat, stains, and scratch just like any other countertop material types. There’s no grade for this option so you can choose it based on the brands.

Based on those top 5 countertop material types, we suggest you to choose the dark granite countertops. For more information about the dark granite countertop, we have a brief of pros and cons about that!


The dark granite looks luxurious and has high aesthetic value. You can ask those who already have dark granite countertop in their kitchen. The black and clean finish suits well with any other kind of kitchen design ideas. Also, the dark granite doesn’t absorb the lights. Instead, it reflects the lights and adds the brightness in the room. The dark countertop would be the center of the attention, especially if you have different tones all over the kitchen. The contrast of black granite and other colors will bring eye-catching design. Talking about quality, never underestimate the dark granite’s endurance and durability. The heat, cut, and stain could not give any effect to the surface. It would look like new every day!


To give you another perspective of the dark granite countertops, we should reveal the drawbacks of this furniture. Like, when the price is something that can bother you, then you need to think carefully before you choose granite as the material base of the countertop. Another shortage of granite countertop is that even though it survives heat, cut, and stain, somehow it may be prone to marks, such as water rings or fingerprints. These small marks might easy to overcome, but the price is still something you need to consider first.

If it is not enough, something that you need to know about dark granite countertops need special treatments. At least, you need to master 3 basics process; such as cleaning, sealing, and also polishing the dark granite in order to protect the beauty and maintain its quality. Even though you call the experts to do the job, you still need the cash to keep it preserve.

With all of those information about the countertop materials that popular for homeowners, we hope that you can get enough insight about the best countertop. Also, we give exclusive information about pros and cons dark granite countertops just in case you want something beautiful and durable in the kitchen.

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