The Cheapest Way to Build a Privacy Screen Fence Ideas from Scratch

Playing in the backyard with the kids or just having family time on the front porch would be a fun way to spend the long weekend. But sometimes we need to keep everything private even though we don’t do any particular private things.

I mean, it is okay if we want to do whatever we want without being afraid of interruption from the neighbor that walk by out of nowhere. After a long and hard midweek, the weekend is the perfect time for family gathering without any interference.

So, if you want to have a good time outdoor and safe from those who like to sneak peek your activity, it is time to build privacy fence that will save you from the ‘paparazi’.

Moreover, there are many privacy screen ideas that will help you to choose the perfect privacy fence. It doesn’t matter how proud you are to the front porch design or the beauty of the backyard, the fence will protect you from unwanted things.

I’m sure you don’t want the neighbor now your activities and hear the conversation that shouldn’t be heard by someone else. Here, we have creative privacy screen ideas that are perfect to protect you!

Simple Privacy Screen Ideas

  1. Eco-friendly Vine Plants

The fence doesn’t have to be made out of steel or solid wood. Vine plants can be very useful to protect the balcony or porch from others. It is cheap, eco-friendly, and also brings the nature themed closer to your house. The only drawback about this privacy fence is that it won’t cover the whole space.

  1. Woven Bamboo

Another eco-friendly privacy screen ideas is the woven bamboo which is affordable. It has a lot of variety from size to style that can be customized to your desire. Besides, it is unique and has value art as the woven add distinct texture on your balcony. But, just like the vine plants the woven bamboo is not giving you full protection as the neighbor still can see you from the gap.

  1. Wooden Lattice Wall

The classic lattice wall is what most homeowners have to protect the backyard. Even though it is not as effective as what we wanted it should be, but if you put some flower pots in it then the pots will cover the gap on the lattice. Add more flower pots and you will have garden wall that add the beauty of the backyard.

  1. Panel Screen

If you think you have craftsmanship skill, the four-panel screen is very easy to build. You just need to build the frame from wood and use fabric screen material as the cover. The best part about the panel screen is that you can fold it and then move it to other places. But when you need to cover a large area, then you need more panel screen to cover it which would cost you very expensive money.

The Cheapest Way to Build a Privacy Fence

Having craftsmanship skill would help you a lot in renovating the house or building DIY stuff so you don’t need to spend a lot of money. If you want to build a privacy fence from scratch, here’s the cheapest way to build a privacy fence!

  1. Repurposed Doors

I know that it is daunting to build a fence and stand it on the ground one by one from the solid wood. Instead of doing that, you can go to the flea market and search for the repurposed doors. Make sure you choose the doors that have same size and there are no holes or glass frame. This method is easy and less daunting instead of build railing. Once you find the repurposed doors, then you can attach it one another to make panel. There you go, a set of unique repurposed doors that become fence on the backyard.

  1. Glass Bottles

This privacy fence is unique since you contribute to save the earth by using recycled glass bottle. ou can go to the flea market or local recycling house and ask for the glass bottles. It doesn’t matter about the sizes and colors because it is just getting better as you can build texture out of it. Of course it takes effort to make but once you did it, you will be satisfied with the result. All you need to do is stacking the bottles on concrete and brick based. Close the top end with brick and concrete.

  1. Recycled Wood

Another thing you can do as the cheapest way to build a privacy fence is by using recycled wood you get from the nearest lumberyard. Once you find the perfect wood type, then you need to cut it same size so you can sink a part of the panel wood to the ground. Don’t forget to nail the wood scraps and the joint so it has sturdy construction. Create the X-cross or horizontal wood flank to lockdown the fence construction.

  1. Chain Link

This is maybe the cheapest and the most popular fence ever. Also, it doesn’t require particular skill to build it by yourself. You can order the basic structure of the fences from the local welder. And then you need to find a roll of fence that will cost you for $50 to $75. It is sturdy, worry-free, and also giving protection from wild animals (it is perfect for retreat house or Lake House). But when installed in city house, you can plant vines around it and when the plants grow, it will cover the gap of the chain.

  1. Used Pallet

Last, instead of build railing which would take time and energy, you can search for used pallet and turn it into wall panel. Then you just need to attach the panel one to another and fill the gaps with tall plants to give a fresh balance on it. Even though the pallet fence is not too tall, but it is enough to protect your backyard.

Among of these options, which one you think is the cheapest way to build a privacy fence from the scratch?

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