DIY Front Yard Retaining Wall Ideas

Sometimes when we are staying in our house, we need a beautiful view from our yard especially from our front yard.

When it comes to back yard, we can use it as our place to plant some flowers and other trees, but when it comes to our front yard, we are confused about what should we do with our front yard because it just empty and just use to park our vehicle.

But, there is nothing to be worried about right now because what you really need to do is doing something to make your front yard being beautiful view.

One of the way is making a front yard retaining wall to make your front yard is not only feeling not empty but also beautiful. Nowadays, people make a front yard retaining wall to decorate their house’s front yard so it would be better to see by other people too.

Front yard retaining wall not only can be built by the workers but also ourselves with DIY (Do It Yourself) method.

You can design and build your own front yard retaining wall by yourself. You may need help but it depends on you. Right now, this article would give you some ways to make your own front yard retaining wall.

Design Your Front Yard Retaining Wall

The first thing that you need to do before build your front yard retaining wall is designing it. This is some tips to design your own retaining wall.

  • When it comes to design your retaining wall, you can use your own creativity or look for any inspiration from internet or magazine.
  • If you use an inspiration from internet or magazine, donot forget to put your own style to make it a little bit different.
  • Choose your design and do not forget to choose what kind of decoration that you will put on your retaining wall. It can be flower or some plant for decorations.

Build Your Front Yard Retaining Wall

After designing your own front yard retaining wall, this is your time to build your retaining wall to decorate your beautiful house.

But, before build it, you need to know what kind of materials that you need to build your retaining wall. These are the materials that you need:

  • Stacks of stones
  • Glove for work
  • Wooden stakes
  • Crushed rocks
  • Level
  • Sledgehammer (small size)
  • String
  • Soil tamper
  • Shovel

After you complete the materials, it is your time to build your own front yard retaining wall by yourself or get help by others. ‘Make sure that you get help by others for better work.

Now, this is how you build your own front yard retaining wall:

1. Choose where to build your retaining wall

Firstly, choose one part of your front yard to make the retaining wall. Choose the best and perfect place to build so it can be enjoyed by you and other people too.

2. Make a line

Secondly, you need to make a line to mark where will you build and as the boundary so that it would not cross the line that you had made.

3. Dig the trench

Thirdly, it is time to dig the trench. Just dig it along the line that you had marked. Dig the trench carefully and make wider than the blocks. Do not forget to make it deep enough for the stones or blocks. Use soil tamper to tamp the bottom.

4. Add sharp crushed rocks

Fourthly, you need to add sharp crushed rocks to the bottom part of the trench. It can be used for the final of levelling and tamping the trench.

5. Lay the stones

Fifthly, lay the stones that you have prepared. Start it from the most visible edge of the wall or from the lowest end, it depends on the condition of the place that you will make the front yard retaining wall. Use sledgehammer to hit the wooden stakes that you put on the ground. Lay the stones continuously at the trench and make it side-to-side.

6. Make the stones level

Sixthly, when you laying the stones, do not forget to make the stones as level. It is the reason behind the success of your front yard retaining wall. When you make the stones level to be wall, you can make the height of the wall with what have you planned or designed and you can add topper stones based on it.

7. Add another course of stones

Seventhly, it is important part for your wall if your wall at the end of it has edges, use half-cut stones to start the another course.

8. Check the stones

Eighthly, you need to check the stones and make sure if the stones are free from wobble so there would not be any trouble and your retaining wall can be built successfully.

9. Do backfilling

Lastly, after you make the retaining wall, you can do backfilling. But, before do the backfilling, you should spread the landscape fabric against the wall in order to make the wall clean. After that, you can do the backfilling behind the wall and use the crushed rocks, fill the area, and do not forget to tamp it again. You need to finish it with a topsoil as the finishing.

Front yard is such a good place to do some creativity. It is not only because it can make a beautiful view for you but it also can decorate your front yard so it would not make it feels empty and just be an empty yard.

Front yard retaining wall is one of the best ideas to make your front yard becomes beautiful and not empty anymore.

With front yard retaining wall, you can also do your creativity and hobby here such as planting some beautiful flowers or plants so that it can decorate your front yard and make it becomes more beautiful view for you and everyone that passed in front of your house.

You can design and plan your own front yard retaining wall by yourself and you can build it by yourself so that it can match perfectly with your taste.

Today, front yard retaining wall is such a best choice for your house’s front yard and make your front yard becomes beautiful.

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