60 Best Skull Masks Ideas and Tutorial How To Make One

This tutorial is the 3rd as well as last Halloween job created DHG by Pollaz. When we’re on the lookout for great suggestions, Pollaz is always the right individual to ask! The Pumpkin and the Black Cat are lovely, however, we think that this mask, inspired by Mexican skulls, has outshined itself.

To start with, what’s the definition of these skulls? These vibrant and also paradoxical skulls belong to the Mexican tradition of worshipping the dead. As opposed to triggering despair and also mourning as in the Western custom, these skulls exorcize fatality with brilliant as well as pleasant colors. Even if the definition might appear the complete opposite, they are in reality a homage to life. LONG LIVE LIFE! Allow’s get going!

Tutorial: How to create a Mexican Skull mask

What you require:

  • 2mm of Thermoformable felt Colour. Milk
  • 2mm of Thermoformable felt Colour. Antilles
  • 2mm of Thermoformable really felt Colour. Light
  • 2mm of Thermoformable felt Colour. Black
  • 10 white pompoms
  • 10 pink pompoms
  • 10 light blue pompoms
  • needle and aqua green thread
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • stitching equipment
  • black thread
  • pink string
  • 2 black grosgrain ribbons 30cm long as well as 0.5 centimeters high

After taking the measurements of the face carefully, attract a skull on a notepad.

As soon as the layout is finished, utilize it to recreate the skull on the thermoformable felt Colour. Milk. Cut it out as well as adding the eyes.

  • Putting the skull on the face, take the measurements of the nose. Draw a trapezoid then cut it out.
  • To make the mask rounder, like for the Black Cat mask, mark 4 cuts, 2 on top on either side of the head and 2 at the bottom on either side of the chin. For the time being just sew the tops ones with each other.
  • Now move on to the mouth: attract a “skeletal smile” and also the teeth on the felt, after that with the sewing maker, utilize the black thread to look at the synopsis.
  • Now comes the very best component. Let’s make this skull colourful as well as enjoyable! Take the pompoms and also put them around the eyes. Sew them on one by one.
  • After that eliminated diamonds from the Colour. Light felt and sew them on under the cheekbones.
  • Currently stitch the 2 cuts with each other on the chin. Exactly like you provided for those on the head. Can you see that by overlapping them a little it gives it volume and satiation?
  • Include a lot more colour by embroidering the rundown of the nose with the aqua green string. Use a straightforward stitch.
  • Then eliminated 2 squares, 1 heart as well as 2 little polka dots from the black really felt.
  • Stitch the squares onto the cheeks and also the heart in the center of the chin.
  • Rather, put the 2 polka dots either side of the chin. Then using the sewing maker, sew 2 somewhat bumpy lines that attach the heart to the polka dots. See the photo listed below.

The completing touch: let’s thermoform the really felt!

The unique attribute of the thermoformable felt is that it can be formed when it’s been heated and once it cools down it maintains the form it was molded right into. As a result, we’ll use this technique to provide the flowers that will go on the head of the skull, a three-dimensional appearance. Allow’s begin!

Cut out six blossoms, 3 utilizing Colour. The Antilles as well as three smaller ones using Colour. Light felt.

Place a pin via the ends of each petal, to draw them together as well as wrinkle them. Place them on a cooking tray and “prepare them” at 130 ° for a few minutes.

Caution: Use an electric stove. If you favor to use a microwave replace the pins with stitches

  • As soon as the really felt cools, placed the little flowers in addition to the big blossoms, then include a black polka dot to the centre of each flower. Pin them onto the head of the mask.
  • Maximize the thermoformability of the felt to develop a flower. Cut out a petal form from an item of black felt, fold it in half and secure the fold with a pin. Put it in the oven and “chef” at 130 ° for a few mins.
  • Allow the really felt trendy then stitch it on between the eyes.
  • The extremely last action: stitch the 2 0.5 cm black grosgrain ribbons on the sides of the skull and also the mask is ready!

Method or deal with?

We wish you such as this tutorial as high as we do. And also keep in mind, if you would love to learn more as well as find out about thermoformable felt, you can discover the ideal video clip tutorials for you on our YouTube network.

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