How to Replace a Sliding Glass Door Properly

Among other types of doors that available on the market, the sliding door is the best option for any type of home. For those who live in tiny apartment, the sliding door is the answer to save the space on there. It is different than the swing door that need more space when it is open, the sliding door will equal with the wall.

As the result, whether you have massive or small door, it will leave you more space for other furniture. That’s why on the first sentence of this paragraph, I recommend all the readers to use sliding doors instead of swing in/out doors.

The sliding doors have different types and models that can be personalized with your desire and interior concept. Also, it is easy to install and if you want to replace it with different kind of door, then you can replace it.

Of course you need to know how to replace a sliding glass door, but don’t be afraid because you can do it on your own. No need extra hands from the expert because it is quite simple. On this article, we will guide you to replace the sliding glass door properly. Are you ready?

How to Replace a Sliding Glass Door

Before we start to replace the sliding glass door, I will give you the clues of what we should do to accomplish this job. The first thing we should do is choosing the replacement door. It is important to consider what kind of doors that will replace the sliding glass door.

When you choose swing in/out door instead of new sliding door, then you need to do a lot of makeover. Once you find the replacement, you need to remove the existing door and the whole structure. Next, you can start to install the new door and sealing it with new sliding glass or any other type of doors.

Also, you need to prepare everything, such as the tools that you might need in the middle of the process. Make sure you’ve prepared all of them before you start to try removing the existing door!

  1. Choose the Replacement

Choosing the replacement is not an easy thing since you need to consider several things, such as the price, the efficiency, and any other factors. Ask yourself again whether you need to replace the glass sliding door or not, and then make sure that everything corresponds your desire. Don’t forget to re-measure the frame of the door and the door replacement itself so it will match with the base structure.

There are several types of sliding glass doors that exist in the market. Most of the sliding glass door are constructed of fiberglass, foam core, aluminum, wood, or vinyl. You can ask the manufacture or the salesperson about which kind of sliding glass doors that has the best offer.

  1. Remove the Existing Sliding Doors

The next step of how to replace a sliding glass door is starting to remove the existing sliding glass door. You need to remove the door treatments, such as the blinds or curtains that mounted on it. It will minimize the debirs and any other small materials that you might need later.

By using a razor blade, you can cut a small stripe and score drywall on the frame of the sliding glass door that will help you decide the breaking point and prevent the damage the drywall.

The new sliding glass door will always be covered with thin plastic (mounting strip) on the edges of the frame. If you can’t remove the trim on the existing sliding glass door, then you can remove the thin plastic by using the razor blade. Do it carefully from the bottom edge and the backward until you can snap it off and removed. That’s how you prepare the sliding glass door frame and the threshold.

Keep in mind that the sliding glass doors have 2 panels; the first one is the slide and the other one is the stationary panel. You need to remove the stationary door panel first and make sure you check the whole screws that hold the door on the panel. Once you sure that all the screws are off, then you can lift the door panel up and separate it from the bottom track.

The next thing you should do is removing the frame and threshold. You can start it by removing the screws or nails that hold the frame on the wall. Once those are removed, use pry bar to pry the frame and threshold from the opening door. Make sure that you have removed the doorframe and the threshold by cutting the part of the frame to collapse. Last, make sure you check the door frame that would fit with the new one.

  1. Install New Sliding Glass Door

The next step of how to replace a sliding glass door is starting to install the new sliding glass door. You need to install the new frame first, make sure the track is facing the interior house. Once it is finished, you can start to insert the sliding door panel. You just need to place the bottom of the door with the bottom track and so does the top part. After the wheel adjustment, then you can start to try to slide the door horizontally.

If you have screen door, then you can insert it with the same way as you install the door panels. Then you can install the handles and locks based on the instructions from the new sliding glass door.

  1. Sealing the New Sliding Door

Last but not least, you need to seal the frame by using expanding foam caulking or weatherproof silicone caulking that will prevent the damage caused by hot or cold air from the outside. Make sure you fill the gap so there’s no leak in your new sliding door. Once it is done, then you can add the door decoration as much as you want. That’s how to replace a sliding glass door properly.

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