Top 5 Small Double Bathroom Sink Ideas

The bathroom is the first place in the morning where everyone ran to. Whether they take shower or just brush the teeth, every family member would fight over the bathroom when they know they have already late to go.

So, one of the best ideas for the sharing bathroom is that you need to install the small double bathroom sink so you can share the spot with your partner. There’s no better way to brush or flossing your teeth in the morning with your partner sharing the spot. That way either you or your partner won’t be late for the office time.

Actually, you don’t need to provide a wide space to install the double bathroom sink. Don’t let the size stop you to renovate or applying your ideas for the dream bathroom. The key is maximizing the space available and choose the vanity that fit on there.

Also, you can learn from the minimalist interior design concept that fit for a tiny space, including small bathroom. Make sure you choose less furniture so the bathroom won’t be too tight. The best way to save space in the bathroom is choosing small double bathroom sink which needs approximately 60 inches of width. But if you have more than 72 inches of space, then it would be more comfortable.

Small Bathroom Sink Ideas

Even though there is no exact rule of the minimum space that you need to use double vanity, we just want to you know that convenience is above everything. We won’t let you furniture stuffing on there that will just make the bathroom feel narrow.

Keep in mind that the bathroom should be as comfortable as other rooms because this is crucial place where you start the day. So, even though you have small bathroom you can choose one of these types of sink that suits your interior dimension!

  1. Wall-mounted Sink

This is the most popular type of sink that used by most of the homeowners. The sink is mounted to the wall so you will get more spaces in the bathroom. The sink also can be mounted at different level of heights so you have plenty moves to arrange the bathroom.

  1. Drop-in Sinks

The drop-in sink is popular thanks to it is easy to install and only takes less than an hour to complete. This one is also popular with other name, they call it self-rimming sink because there is a rim that encircles the bowl to support the basin’s weight. It also fits in most counters top.

  1. Undermount Sink

This one is installed below the countertop and equal with the surface that leave it clean and spacious. Also, it gives the counter better look so you can use the space for toiletries. In short, it is not just space saving but also stylish and smooth.

  1. Vessel Sink

Another type of sink is the vessel sink which is available in various models and sizes. People also call it Countertop Sink because the round basin sits on the top of the surface. If you want something stylish and modern, the vessel sink is what you are looking for on the master bathroom style.

  1. Pedestal Sink

Last but not least, the pedestal sink is quite popular thanks to wide basin and narrow base that leave the under space plenty of rooms. It is mounted on the floor so you need the expert to install it to stand perfectly.

Small Double Bathroom Sink Ideas

Since you know the type of bathroom sink, the next thing is about the ideas for the double vanity bathroom. We have collection of small double bathroom sink ideas that maybe fit for the master bathroom at your home!

  1. Rustic Bathroom with Double Vanity

The rustic bathroom is inviting and warm. I am sure that everyone is agree that rustic bathroom always gives different sensation even though there’s no modern touch on there. But you can give elegant feel by using double small sink made out of the gray stones as the countertop and natural wood as the cabinets. In order to give spacious fell, you can add full-width mirrors that will reflect the light.

  1. Elegant Bathroom with Double Sink

Who says that your bathroom can’t look elegant even if it has small space and double sink? Proof them wrong by using drop-in double sinks that will save the space. In order to create character on the bathroom, you should use wooden cabinets made out of the solid wood that paired with white marble or quartz vanity. That way you can give elegant look on the small bathroom.

  1. Minimalist Bathroom with Double Vanity

It is okay to have narrow space because as long as you can make a perfect arrangement out of it, the bathroom will look just fine with the double vanity. Use drop-in double sinks and a pair of mirrored cabinets so you can get extra storage behind the mirrors.

  1. Double Small Sink with Open Storage

It doesn’t matter if you want to let the toiletries exposed under the sinks. The open storage is great concept for tiny bathroom because you have the freedom to arrange the supplies down under. Or you can add basket where you can store the stuff neatly in one place. To give contrast, use white marble countertop and dark grey cabinets.

  1. Floating Double Vanity with Vessel Sinks

If you have a slightly large space available in the bathroom, the floating double vanity is what you need. The cabinets can stand the double vessel sinks that separated with small white glass box. This one provides airy and looks light thanks to the double mirrors that gives you spacious look on the inside.

Those are the small double bathroom sink ideas that you can try to renovate the tiny bathroom. Make sure that you choose the type of sinks that fit with the bathroom concept and select small vanity that has perfect dimension. That way you still have great workflow on the bathroom.

Examples of Small Bathroom Sink Ideas

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