60 Best Spiral Staircase Ideas, The Complete Knowhow

Exactly what is a Spiral Staircase?

By definition, spiral staircases are a type of rounded stair or curved stairs that consists of specific actions, or footsteps, that are connected to a facility column. The treads revolve around this central factor as you increase or down the stair, producing a spiral style. A spiral staircase shouldn’t be perplexed with a helical staircase or bent staircase, which have no center column.

Spiral Staircase Design Factors

While that is a simplified definition of a spiral staircase, there are a number of aspects that go into the style. When taking into consideration layout you must think of elevation, size, and also the location of the staircase along with various other practical and aesthetic elements such as the style of the treads, balusters, and also hand rails. All our stairs at Salter could be personalized based on your design requires including budget and also safety and security worries.

Factors to Consider


A spiral staircase’s elevation will define several aspects of the design. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most vital measurement for safety reasons. You wish to guarantee that your stair’s top platform will certainly be despite the floor. This measurement will certainly also determine the amount of private actions. To figure out the amount of actions you require, divide your stair’s complete elevation by the riser height, or space between each action.

When you’ve discovered the quantity of actions, you could determine your turning. A lot of spiral stairs make use of a 30 level rotation, this means that each stair rotates around the center column at a 30 degree angle. To find your stair’s full turning, multiple the variety of actions by your rotation angle. For example, if you have a staircase with 12 actions, you’ll have a complete 360 degree rotation, where as a 9 action stair would just have a 270 level turning.


Because they are round stairs, a spiral staircase’s size could be merely specified as the size of the stair. This is an essential element of the layout since it will certainly establish whether your staircase fits into your area. The tiniest diameter Salter Spiral Stair supplies is a 3′ 6″ diameter which then enhances in 6″ periods, i.e.: 3′ 6″, 4′, 4′ 6″, 5′, and so forth. When considering your stair diameter it is essential to consider building codes, what you intend on using the staircase for, and who is utilizing the staircase. Residential, commercial, interior, or outdoor applications all have various elements to think about when choosing the size of your staircase. Call one of our spiral stair professionals to speak about your particular demands or check out our complete introduction of spiral staircase dimensions.

Indoor Stair Designs

There are three different kinds of spiral staircases that are usually utilized for interior applications: Standard Steel, Forged Iron, as well as All Timber. While they are all similarly attractive and also structurally sound, they also have their very own unique layout.

Our Classic Steel spiral stair is one of the most flexible layout that could suit a large range of home style styles relying on the modification of the stair. Whether you decide to keep an all steel stair or add solid wood footsteps and also a handrail made from your option of types, you’ll have a lovely focal point in your house.

The Forged Iron spiral stair is understood for its traditional sophistication and ornate detail. Not only could you boost your layout with strong wood walk covers, but you could also choose attractive balusters that come in meticulously picked pattern teams. The details could be simple or decorative depending upon your vision for your spiral staircase.

An All Wood spiral stair is the gathering place of traditional layout and strength. Our style is solid wood, but has all the stamina that you would certainly find with a metal frame. The soft qualities of the natural product includes heat as well as charm to your house style.

Exterior Stair Layouts

The two spiral stair develops most commonly utilized outdoors are a Powder Coated Light weight aluminum spiral stair and also a Galvanized Steel spiral stair. They are both do with maintenance free obstacles, making your initial expense the only cost. While both stairs are made to last in your outdoor room, they suit various aesthetics.

A Powder Coated Light weight aluminum spiral stair is a stylish alternative to move from one degree of your deck to the following. The lightweight aluminum experiences a powder finish procedure that completes the stair with a custom-made color as well as weather condition proof barrier. The tidy lines praise any kind of deck or patio area style that you could have in your backyard.

Our Galvanized Steel spiral stair is a budget-friendly and also durable option for your exterior space. The carbon steel structure goes through a warm dipped galvanizing process that layers every component of the stair, from the private steps to the handrail and pin link. The completed item is a metallic silver finish that provides your stair an industrial appearance.

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