60 Stair Treads Ideas And Tips To Select One That You Love

Tips Selecting Patterned Stair Tread Carpet

Sometimes we take the stairs for granted.

I mean, some of the homeowners leave their stairs just the way it is without any decorations or accessories that would add the aesthetic of the houses.

Keep in mind that stair is not just conduits that connect two different areas of the house.

Stairs just like any other parts of the room that needs to be decorated and maintain regularly.

The stair could be the focal point of the house and plays important role to enhance the overall interior design.

So, you need proper stair treads ideas that will help you creating impressive look inside the house by choosing the right carpet that match with the surroundings.

The most popular carpet for stairs, such as the patterned stair carpet that judged by its stunning color combination and pattern; or the Wool carpet that known for its finest material and comfort.

What’s the Best Tread Carpet for Stairs?

There are many people confuse to decide which carpet that best for the stairs.

I would say that there’s no certain rule about the carpet for the stairs.

The key is to choose the carpet that have the right color or pattern that match with the design of the stairs and the surroundings.

Also, you need to consider the cost that you need when choosing particular type of carpets.

And the most important thing is the quality of the carpets as you don’t want to change it every year because it is always broken or ripped.

The quality is hand in hand with the cost since high-quality carpet for stairs have expensive price.

When you try to find the best carpet for stairs you might see the label ‘heavy domestic or extra-heavy domestic’ in one of the products.

It means that the products have been tested more than the regular product and is ready to fulfill the demands of stair use.

When you choose this product, you can add high-quality under pad to protect the stairs and ensure the comfort for feet.

The quality of the materials also plays the role in this subject.

The synthetic materials, such as Nylon, Polyester, or Polypropylene are the most common material base for the carpet.

Nylon acknowledge as the most cost-friendly carpet for stairs thanks to its durability, strength, and its ability for stain resistant.

And even though the Polyester and Polypropylene is not as good as the Nylon, but it is still worth if you want to find affordable items.

Those kind of carpets cost less than the one that made out of the natural fibers. The wool carpet is stain resistant, fire retardant, and also doesn’t require special treatment. It is not surprising that the wool carpet used in conference center, mall, or hotel thanks to its ability.

And the last thing to consider when it comes about choosing the best carpet for stairs is the color. It is an essential aspect because before your guests touch the carpet with their foot, they will judge it with their eyes.

Keep in mind that the color will show the beauty and congruity. So, choose the carpet for stairs carefully.

What Color Tread Carpet is the Best for Stairs?

As you know which kind of carpet that fits for the stair and understand the criteria, it is time to consider the color carpet that is suitable for the stairs.

Dirt and stain is the enemy of the color because it will ruin the look of the carpet.

It doesn’t matter whether you have wool or nylon material, the dirt will leave the stain that will destroy the beauty.

In short, choosing the color of the carpet is essential so you don’t need to worry about the stain or scheduling the day to clean the carpet every week.

Light colors will show the stains, while the dark colors are not the right option.

So, it would be better to choose the patterned stair carpet which has the balance for both colors.

The patterned stair carpet gives you color combination of light and dark colors.

The light colors will let the carpet looks alive meanwhile the dark tones will hide the stain.

Now you have the perfect color carpet that match with the interior design of your house.

All you have to do is choosing which type of color pattern that match with the whole surroundings.

The basic rule of choosing patterned carpet for stairs is providing contrast or blend in with the tones.

Like, when you have white Victorian styled stair, you can choose patterned carpet with black as dominant color so you will create contrast with the stair structure.

And when you want to blend in with the stairs, you can choose white patterned carpet for white Victorian stairs.

Choosing the Patterned Carpet

Aside of the colors, choosing the right patterned stair carpet is not as easy as you think.

There are many pattern options that could be your selection, such as the horizontal or vertical pattern, the polka dots, the snake skin, vintage floral or even the famous psychedelic patterned carpet that commonly used in Las Vegas casino to keep the gamblers awake.

Each of the patterns shows different styles and color combinations which should be incorporate with the wall and floor.

So, maybe you need to buy extra length and use it on the surroundings area to keep the pattern connected.

Another tip that you should know when it comes about choosing stair carpet is thinking about the size.

You can choose the full size carpet that will cover the entire surface of the stairs or the one with the smaller size that will leave each side of the stairs exposed.

It is your job to decide which one is suitable with the type of stairs construction you have.

Once you have found the perfect pattern that fits with the stairs, then you can start to hire the expert to install. It would be better to let the experts to their job so you will get better results.

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