60 Best Steampunk Costume Ideas for Your Adventure Time

You Can Produce a Steampunk Costume

Steampunk, also referred to as Victorian science fiction, has exploded in appeal in the past few years. If you haven’t heard of it yet, I guarantee you will. It’s been in the papers and also in short articles– there was also an episode of Castle.

I run a convention called Steamcon in the Seattle location that’s committed to steampunk, and I enlighten individuals concerning it, so I do a lot of dressing up.

To some folks, the sprucing up is the best part. So whether you are just seeking some quick ideas for a Halloween costume, or you wish to spruce up for a convention or event, I have created a few tips as well as tricks to get you began.

The Base

The primary portion of your attire will be the Victorian or Edwardian garments. You need to choose whether you are high class or otherwise. For the upper course, you will want fancier clothing. Fit layers for men and outfits for women.

It’s much easier to depict lower or middle path usually, so allows stay with that. I usually locate great base-clothing at thrift shops. A high collared t-shirt, equipped jackets, or vests are suitable for both males and females. A long skirt, bloomers, or perhaps pants for the ladies, depending on the appearance you are going with.

A Couple Of Great Online Merchants

If you are having problem discovering what you need in a second hand shop, these online sellers are an invaluable source.

  • Recollections

Recollections is a terrific location to find ladies’s Victorian clothing.

  • Gentlemen’s Stand

Gentlemen’s Stand has clothes for both sexes. They likewise have a terrific overview for guys’s clothes.

The Hat

Any great Victorian would undoubtedly be wearing a hat usually– guys specifically. You can select not to, yet it will undoubtedly make your costume much less readily identifiable. Top hats, bowlers, with safety helmets, boaters, or flight helmets all function well. Any period chapeau will indeed “cap” off your look.

I have seen some outfits that were completed by having a fantastic hat. My favored hat is my mini pith helmet. You can go and get a hat from a Halloween store and afterward spray repaint it, adhesive things on it as well as indeed make it special. Be creative. Enjoy!

Locating Hats

I recommend seeking out your local haberdashery as well as getting a decent hat. However, you can additionally discover some excellent ones online. If this is for a one-time costume, you can find most likely to your local Halloween store.


One of the most related tools on a steampunk costume is the goggles. Know, there are great deals of safety glasses available, but many aren’t the appropriate period or appearance. Swim goggles, and ski safety glasses are best out. Likewise single lensed safety glasses look incorrect.

You want mug type welding goggles normally speaking. You can get them from various resources, also costume shops. If you wish to get smart, you can buy a basic set from a welding supply shop and customize them.

You will certainly intend to paint them since plastic is too modern. I advise Krylon Combination spray paint for the base coat at the very least. Add little metal bits to them as well as typically make them your own. Once again, be innovative! It’s what steampunk is all about.

Purchasing Safety glasses

If you are not a smart kind, or you have more time than loan, you can acquire some suitable goggles in varying cost varieties. Harry Potter Quidditch goggles will carry out in a pinch, however look better if you at the very least make the effort to get rid of the logo design.


The main point besides safety glasses that identifies a steampunk outfit from an outfit that is merely historical is its props. Given that you are representing a character from a science fiction/fantasy tale you need something that reveals the visitor that facet. A tool of some sort is useful. We tend to lug aetheric disintegrator guns or discombobulator rifles.

The point is that it should NOT look familiar or even real. Remember that you remain in Victorian times. A flintlock such as a pirate would certainly carry too old made and also not in the least little bit gadgety.

So, if you are a crafty type with time on your hands, you can “mod” a squirt weapon and also make your very own weaponry. See my earlier lenses for “just how to” suggestions.

Buying Props

Right here once more, it can be time versus loan and also you might have more of one than the various other. I have typically discovered economic choices on Amazon.com and even eBay.

Belts and also steel bits

Steampunk is a category with a propensity for brass, or copper. Belts with fancy fastenings and studs can genuinely make an outfit. Wear several at the same time.

They benefit carrying your raygun or your brass compass. As well as don’t assume that belts are only for your waist. They make beautiful devices in other places too. Use a belt as a hat band, a choker, or a breast band to add more passion to your appearance.

You can also add brass binoculars, or a compass to help contribute to the traveler or adventurer appearance.

I definitely will not be made through a steel detector in this stand-up.


I recommend finding rather low heeled granny boots for the females. Preferably without zippers. They look right as well as won’t eliminate your feet. If you are planning on wearing your skirts raised or bloomers or pants, you will undoubtedly wish to discover slightly more cool boots.

Thankfully boots are in now, so they are reasonably easy to locate. Male, you can discover good boots as well. Just believe truly hard before you spoil perfectly beautiful clothing by putting on sneakers.

So there is a little run down on steampunk costuming. I wish this helped. Feel free to ask the question or let me recognize precisely how it worked out for you.

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