60 Best Stone Veneer Ideas for Your Dream House

Love that stone exterior facade or comfortable fire place that you see? Unless you stay in a typical location with very old buildings, and also where real stone is the norm, it’s most likely a “phony stone” called made stone or fabricated stone veneer. Unlike that ultra-fake things called faux stone, which is closer to plastic, produced stone has the heft and structure of real stone and could be just what you desire for your home.

While it does come from the earth, it is not quarried straight from the earth.

Genuine stone is just that: igneous rock that comes in hugely differing sizes and also shades. The term veneer implies that it is an attractive or decorative/functional surface area applied to the surface area of the real load-bearing framework. So, a fire place made up of brick or concrete block might have veneer stone on the surface to offer the illusion that the fire place is made of stone.

Inside is a mix of concrete, accumulations, and pigments.

Made stone is nothing new; it’s been around for ages. Veneer stone companies in the last three decades have actually been refining their produced veneer “dish” to make sure that it looks extremely like the genuine point– also upon close evaluation.

A lot of manufactured veneer is composed of Rose city concrete, accumulations, and iron oxides. The concrete offers veneer its security; the accumulations assist to lighten the weight of the stone, as well as the iron oxides provide pigments to color the stone.

Can you mount it yourself?

Regrettably, manufactured veneer stone still hasn’t already come into full-scale DIY usage. One reason is that, even though it’s synthetic stone, it’s still a stonework project. Like other remodeling jobs– tiling, electrical, pipes– stonework does have a knowing curve.

A lot of the major veneer manufacturers have superb videos as well as installation guides on their websites. The bar for indoor veneer stone setup is set below for outside. With indoor stone, you don’t have to fret about waterproofing. For exteriors, you’ll should waterproof the surface behind the veneer stone, as veneer is not intended to be your single barrier versus rain and also snow.

Important to compare slim and full-dimension veneers.

Deepness is an essential problem when it concerns veneer. Given that it is totally an addition to just what’s currently there, you intend to minimize the thickness of that addition.

While it might not matter much in some outside applications, it certainly does issue in the inside, where every square foot matters.

Full-dimension veneer starts at around 2 inches thick and also goes outward from there. Thin stone veneer maxes out at 2 inches.

Then determine in between completely dry pile veneer and also mortared.

These communicate completely different designs.

  • Dry-stack stone resembles building blocks laid right on top of each various other, obstruct to obstruct, without mortar in between them. Dry-stack has an awesome, contemporary look.
  • Mortared stone veneer, as the name states, has mortar between each stone, and also it projects a typical, Old World look.

You could use it on exteriors but you should take care to water-proof the framework behind it.

If you are laying outside stone veneer, you could waterproof the structure either with builder’s felt (much like roof covering paper), contractor’s paper (a special kraft-paper product), or home cover.

Particularly, Eldorado Stone advises either 2 separate layers of # 15 really felt, 2 separate layers Grade D paper, or 1 layer home cover and 1 layer Quality D paper.

Veneer stone suppliers:

Do not expect to discover countless selections of made veneer stone at your neighborhood House Depot or Lowe’s. They do lug a few instances, yet mainly you have to check out shops accommodating the masonry trade, professional supply homes, or other specialized stores. A few of the greatest names in veneer stone suppliers are:

  • Cultured Stone: Cultured Stone is a subsidiary of Owens Corning.
  • El Dorado: Their motto is, “The Most Believable Architectural Stone Veneer worldwide.”
  • Coronado Stone Products: This company’s veneer stone is located at Lowe’s stores.

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