Top 3 Lean to Storage Shed Choice

A tiny space could be a problem for the homeowners. Let’s be honest to each other, it doesn’t matter how much space on the house because we are always need more and more space as we buy more things.

And it is not a wise thing to store all the stuffs you have inside your house as it would make it too tight. Maybe you have already built floating shelves and hidden cabinets as well, but you don’t know when you need extra space to keep all the stuffs neat.

My suggestion is using the extra space in the outdoor as a special area where you can store a half of the stuffs. That’s why you need lean to storage shed that will keep everything in place.

The extra space in the backyard would be very useful to put all the stuffs that used regularly, such as the bikes, gardening supplies, or even the trash can. All you need to do is selecting one of the best storage sheds ideas that fit with the size of your backyard.

And when it comes building the lean to storage sheds you need to thing about several things, not to mention the size, you should consider about the cost that you need and also the plan that fit. It is okay if right now you can’t think about all the necessity to build the storage shed.

Here, we would lend our hands to help you choose which the lean to storage shed ideas that fit for you!

  1. Large Lean to Shed

This one is suitable for those who have a large backyard that could contain 12 or 16 x 20 shed plans. There are designs and plans that you can download for free and then you can use it as DIY storage shed and reduce the cost. The best part about this idea is that you have a lean to roof so it great for the water flow during the raining season or the winter. It is easy for you to clean the roof as it is reachable from the ground and all you need is just a long broom to clean the roof.

The storage shed plans are just simple guidelines that will help you calculate everything, starts from the wood planks, nails, models, etc. And it is up to you to decide which plans that are suitable with the available space. You can even choose the door and windows design; the double barn doors with four windows or just slide up door with side to side windows.

Meanwhile from the inside, the lean to roof also gives you extra space when you want to store more stuff horizontally. You can build the mini floating shelves where you can store cans, hats, or any other supplies. The large space on the inside also gives you freedom to arrange the goods, whether you put it in a box or just make free style arrangement.

  1. Lean to Storage Shed Plastic

It is okay if you don’t have any craftsmanship skill so you can try the DIY lean to storage shed made out of wooden planks. The plastic shed could be a great alternative since it is durable, waterproof, and also has a number of ranges materials from resin to vinyl. You just need to choose which one suits your style.

If I may, I would choose resin sheds which offers a lot of advantages in compared to traditional wood or even the metal storage sheds. The plastic shed is easy to set up even you can do it by yourself as long as you follow the instructions to assembly. The other advantage of resin shed is that this material requires no maintenance at all so it is worry free and no-fuss. It still looks good for the next 5 years!

The best part about this product is that the plastic shed is available in different sizes and models, start from small to large and lean to or regular roof style. The price may vary depends on the size and model.

  1. Lean to Metal Storage Sheds

Another option for the lean to storage sheds that suit your house is the metal storage sheds. Among other storage sheds materials, the metal storage is the most sturdy and durable. There is no any other material that can stand from disruption as good as metal sheds. The design is available in several selections, such as the lean to or the square model and comes up with many dimensions.

The only drawback about this product is maybe the price that is slightly expensive than other storage sheds. Metal sheds cost for about $400 to $2,000 or even more depends on the dimension and features of the structure. Make sure that you have enough budgets to choose the metal storage sheds that will give you extra space on the outside.

Tips to Choose Storage Sheds

I know that sometimes it is confusing to choose which storage sheds that you need. Start from the price, model, dimension, and any other factors that can affect your opinions. Here, we would help you to choose the best storage sheds that will give you benefits.

  • Think about the Space

The first thing you should consider is the available space where you build the lean to sheds. If you don’t have enough space, a compact storage shed is more than enough to be external ‘warehouse’. But if you have a wide area, don’t be afraid to choose or build a large size shed.

  • Cost will Affect the Materials

The next thing to consider is the amount of money you need to prepare to build and buy the supplies. If you decide to create DIY lean to storage shed then you need to prepare everything from the nails, wood flanks, plans, and other stuff.

  • Purpose

The purpose of the storage shed will determine the dimension  so if you just want small storage to put small stuffs, don’t exaggerate by building large size lean to storage shed.

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