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Have you ever get confused about how to organize your tools after do your work or you get confused about how to organize it because you do not have tool box? Yeah, sometimes when we do our works, we often forget to organize our tools again because we may do not have tool box to organize it. Because of that we need to make a tool box organization to organize our tools in one place.

Tool box organization can help you to put the tools to be in one place so that you can pick the tools easily when you need it for your work or make the tools can be placed in one box so that your work area would not be mess like when you do not have tool box. With the tool box, we can be more helped in order to pick the tools. It is not only easy but also helpful for us.

But, how can we make the tool box organization? You can make the tool box easily using simple materials and some easy steps that you can follow. So, are you ready to make your own tool box organization?

Make Your Own Tool Box Organization!                             

As what has said above, tool box organization is really important to us as the place for our tools so that it can be placed on one box to avoid your tools getting lost or make your workplace being mess.

To make the tool box, you just need some simple materials. For the base of the place of the tools, you can use foam and you can use iron or wood box as the tool box for your tool box organization. You also need some other addition tools such as cutter. Now, this is your time to make your own tool box organization. There are some easy steps that you can follow:

  • Design the base of your tool box

First thing that you should do is make the outline of the base of your tools. Draw the layout of every tools that you have on the foam. Make sure that in every outline you put the tools together and near each other so that you can see if it fit the base of it. You can use a drywall T-square to draw the lines easily. You need to draw some circle-shaped to be the hole finger, draw it on the middle of tools-shaped layout. You also can make the hole finger horizontally; it depends on what you like. Make the layout for every tools before doing the next step.

  • Cut and make the shape on the foam

After you draw the layout of every tool, it is the time to cut the foam. Cut the foam and make the cut is looked like the tools. You also need to cut the finger holes so you can pick the tools easily. You also can cut it horizontally to make it as another hole finger to pick the tools. For your attention, choose the best tool to cut the foam so you can cut the foam easily and perfectly.

  • Make the box

Now, you need to make the box as the tool box and to place the foam. You can choose the box from iron or wood box. Before you make it to be your tool box, you can redesign as long as you like it. After that, the tool box is ready to be placed by the foam and the tools.

  • Put the foam and the tools

Put the foam that you had cut it on the tool box that you had redesigned. Put the tools also on the foam according to the shape of the tools. For example, wrench with the wrench, screwdriver with the screwdriver, battery with the battery, and other tools with the tools that has same characteristic with each other. You also can arrange the tools from the biggest to the smallest. For example, from the biggest wrench to the smallest wrench, the biggest screwdriver to the smallest screwdriver, and do the same to other tools.

  • Label the tools

To make it nicer than before, you can also make the label for each of the tools such as the label with the tools name or categorization. For example, put the “wrench” label to the wrench, “screwdriver” to the screwdriver, “nails” to the nails, and do the same to the other tools. You can also use colour label to difference the label. For example, red for screwdriver, blue for wrench, yellow for battery, black for nails and other colours that you can use to label the tools so you can pick the tools easily. Not only those tips, you can make other things that can help you to difference and label the tools differently so it can be more helpful for you to pick the tools when you need it.

Tool box organization is really helpful for us to make the tools placed nicely and it can be picked easily when we need it. It is also reduced the mess when we put it wrongly or carelessly so your workplace can be more clean than before. This tool box can place all of your tools and make your tools just in one place.

There would be a time when we want to make the tool box for our tools but we do not know how to make the tool box itself. Those steps above can help you to make your own tool box organization easily. The tool box is also made by simple materials such as foam, cutter, iron or wood box as the tool box.

After you made it, you can also put the labels to your tools so you difference the tools easily when you want to pick the tools. You can label it using the name or categorization of the tools such as “Wrench”, “Nails” and other tools. You can also use colours labels for each of the tools differently. It can also help you more in the tool box organization.

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