60 Best Vinyl Fencing Ideas, A Brief Guide

Are you checking out choices to traditional timber fencing? After that vinyl fencings might be the solution for you. However initially, consider their advantages as well as negative aspects.

The Advantages and disadvantages of Vinyl Fences

While much fencing developed for privacy or decor has generally been made of timber, PVC vinyl fencings have become fairly preferred (PVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride). However like any other product, it has both benefits and also drawbacks. Here are some of the pros and cons of vinyl fencings:


  • They supply reduced maintenance: you will never need to worry about paint or staining once again.
  • At a range, some top notch vinyl fences do appear like the conventional timber fence layouts for which they are replacements.
  • They do not splinter, making them a child-friendly option.


  • Considering that PVC does increase and also contract as temperature levels rise and fall, this product becomes more breakable in the cold, making it at risk to damages.
  • Up close, a vinyl fence is a vinyl fence, any type of resemblance to wood from afar regardless of. For real fan of the appearance, smell, as well as feel of wood, no alternative will certainly do.
  • An additional disadvantage is the cost. Vinyl fences are more expensive than their wooden equivalents regarding ahead of time cost.
  • Nevertheless, you could conserve cash in the future, after upkeep costs for wood are thought about.
  • A last disadvantage to point out is the build-up of algae, mold and mildew, and mold, which create unattractive discoloration.

How You Can Clean Stains Off PVC Vinyl Fences

Reader, Joanne reminded me of that final disadvantage. She states that her next-door neighbor set up a white PVC vinyl fence for privacy in addition to their residential property line. “Within a year,” reports Joanne, “the north side which faces my front door (my residence is sideways on my great deal) had green as well as black spots throughout it. It is a mess now” (see picture over).

Fortunately is that it is not difficult to wipe such staining on a vinyl fence, although it is, indeed, irritating. Simply highlight a soft fabric, a jug of cozy water, a container of dish-washing liquid, and a garden hose. Hose down your fencing to eliminate most of the discolorations. To clean off the rest, press a few of the dish-washing fluid into the jug and blend it into the water. Then dip your fabric into the container, and continue to scrub the fencing down. End up by rinsing your PVC vinyl fence with the pipe.

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