DIY Simple Interior Wall Texture Techniques for You

When it comes about interior design, there are a lot of things that you need to consider in order to make beautiful concept of your dream house.

Let’s try to count it, start from the furniture to accessories, the color of the wall to the contrast from the ornaments, and also the overall style that should corresponding the core design of your house, there are many things you need to master.

But it is okay, we can do it step by step in order to make your dream come true. And one of the things that you need to take care is the wall.

Some people only think that the wall doesn’t need a lot of treatment because there are parts that covered with furniture and ornaments. But if you want to create something different on the wall, you can try one of the wall texture ideas that suits for the living room, the bedroom, and the kitchen.

Instead of using paint to decorate the wall, you can try to push your creativity to create interior wall texture that you can do on our own. Moreover, there are several technique that you can try to make your wall has particular texture. Are you excited to try one of them?

Interior Wall Texture Technique

If you want to try one of these interior wall texture techniques, please DO NOT try it on the wall. You can use another platform to try the technique until you can master one of them.

Right after you get the confidence, then you can try it on the wall. And keep in mind that each of technique has advantages and drawbacks even though they are unique in their own way!

  1. Pop Corn

The pop corn texture is one of the most popular interior wall textures that came from the 1960s. This retro form is still relevant for contemporary interior design, even though it only works in some parts of the walls. The first intention of this texture was for ceilings, but turned out people can apply it on the walls. It has advantage thanks to the thick application so it can mute the sound. Meanwhile the drawback is that you need to purchase or lend compressor and texture sprayer to make it happen.

  1. Comb

I must say that this is one of the most exquisite interior wall textures! But you need effort to master this technique. Comb texture is popular for the homeowners that appreciate work of art. The point is creating lines of varying widths. It looks like a rainbow pattern that repeated in the whole walls. You can try it with trowel with small spike to create the lines before you try on the wall with the comb. Basically, you just need to make stacked rainbow with comb, but one of them should be crossed with lines.

  1. Orange Peel

This texture is common for the homeowners because it is the basic wall texture. But, it takes a lot of steps before you can master this technique. Also, you need to clean, sand, and prime the walls before you try to create the texture. You also need compressor and sprayer to spray the drywall mud and then thinned with water. Use nap roller to go over the surface so that it is spread equally. Once the first coat is dry, then you can start to apply the second coat.

  1. Sand Swirl

It is the easiest interior wall texture you can try by yourself. You need two people to create this style. The first person rolls on the perlite primer meanwhile the second person try to create arch pattern. Try to make round hand motions with brush to create this pattern. If you want to master it before the first try, you can do it on the sand and swirl your hands to create the texture.

  1. Knockdown

Knockdown texturing is an easy DIY interior wall texture technique that doesn’t require particular skill to make. The purpose of the texture is adding dimension and warmth on the wall. Once you master the Orange Peel technique, you can use the same step but before the walls start to dry, knock off the bumps with sharp object. The result would be a little bit messy but you will be satisfied with the contemporary style that you’ve got on the wall.

  1. Skip-Trowel

It has similar technique with the knockdown texturing, but has a slightly different ending. Use the skip trowel to apply the mud by hand. Then use 18-inch curved knives and to apply it on the thin layers of the drywall. It maybe takes time to master but once you find the perfect angle and the knives skips to the drywall to the surface, then you will get a unique texture, a multi-layered round circles that spread to each other. Keep in mind that you need to be consistence when applying the mud.

  1. Slap Brush

A simple interior wall texture technique that you can master in no time is the Slap Brush. It has variety patterns thanks to the brushes which pushed up against the mud right after it applied on the walls. If you want different patterns, then you can use different brush for slapping it on the wall.

  1. Rosebud

Once you master the Slap Brush technique, then you can create the Rosebud texturing. Use the brush to create circles on the wet mud so it would look like the rosebuds. Make sure you repeat the pattern over and over again in order to draw the perfect texture. For the starters, you can practice it on the old piece of drywall before you do it on the wall.

  1. Crows’ Feet

It is as simple as using brush with stiff bristle that has been dipped on the wet mud and then applied it on drywall. Push the mud up so it looks like Crows’ feet. Of course it takes time to cover the whole walls area with this technique.

Those are the 9 simple interior wall texture techniques that you can try at home. Make sure you practice the move before you start to the real wall to get better result.

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