How to Do Vinyl Plank Flooring Transition to Carpet

It is okay if people have something they call ‘the dream house’ and they would do anything to make it happen. Like me, I want minimalist styled house with 3 bedrooms and vinyl floor.

If you want to know why, it is because I want to provide personal bedroom for my children and I choose vinyl because I think that it offers better quality than any other flooring materials.

When it comes about vinyl, it is easier to us to change it to carpet without any difficult transition. The vinyl plank flooring transition to carpet is simple as long as you know the tricks.

On this article, we would help you to make easy transition from vinyl to carpet. But before we talk about it, let me show you why vinyl plank flooring would be the best option as the base floor of your house.

There are a lot of flooring options you can choose, from tile, hardwood, carpet, or vinyl which each of them offers advantages and disadvantages.

Redoing the floor is not something cheap as it requires expensive cost to install and change the floor materials.

Also, the flooring materials have different price, endurance, and aesthetic.

So, if you want something good that will not drain the budget and still offers high-quality materials, then the vinyl floor is the best option you can choose.

Why Vinyl Plank Flooring is The Best Option for Homeowners

The first advantage of having vinyl floor is the glory. The surface looks like a high-quality wood but it gives you different sensation because it is softer than the actual woods.

The vinyl floor is also water-resistant, so it is the best choice for your kitchen. And when you want to redoing the floor without tear apart the sub-floor, vinyl is the right selection since you can install it on the top of it.

Another thing that makes vinyl floor becomes homeowners’ favorite choice is because it is low maintenance. There’s no need routine maintenance other than sweeping or mopping.

The only thing that you need to aware is that, just like any other materials, vinyl is not perfect.

I can be damaged if you ever drop heavy objects and it would be scratched when you drag furniture without layer.

Once there’s scratch on the surface then you’re done as it is hard to repair.

Last, vinyl won’t increase the value of the house if you want to change the floor to add the value of your house before you sell it.

The Perfect Time to Make Transition from Vinyl to Carpet

The best part about having vinyl floor is that you can change and make transition to carpet easily.

This is what people usually do when they want something new on the floor. Also, there are several reasons why you need to cover the vinyl plank with carpet for good, such as:

Cover the Damage

As what we mentioned previously, vinyl can be damaged because several reasons. And once it is scratched, it is difficult to repair or you need to change all the planks which is not effective because you need to do all-out makeover. You can imagine the cost that you need to do that.

So, instead of changing the planks, it would be wise to use carpet to cover the damage of vinyl floor which is cost-effective and solve the problems right on the spot. We will help you to do vinyl plank flooring transition to carpet so you know how to do it.

New Ambiance

Another reason that urges you to cover the vinyl planks with carpet is because you need to create something different to bring distinct sensation on a particular room. On the bedroom, for example, when you’ve lived long enough with the vinyl planks then it would be better to cover half of the room with carpet that brings new ambiance on the bedroom.

Once in a while, we need to change a small part of the house so it won’t be so dull. Bringing the carpet over the vinyl planks is one of the things you can do to change the small part of the house.

Give Contrast to the Floor

The vinyl is design to look like wooden floor that gives certain pattern on it. But, when it comes about decorating the house, you need to do something different to create contrast that gives new appearance without doing a lot of makeover. That’s why the carpet would be the new focal point as it covers some parts of the faux hardwood.

Those are example of reasons why you need to make transition from vinyl to carpet at some point of your life. And now, let’s talk about installing vinyl plank flooring transition to carpet that we recommend.

Installing Vinyl Plank Flooring Transition to Carpet

No Transition at All

Actually, there’s no the right answer of how to make transition from vinyl to carpet. You just need to try to find out which works the best. Like this first rule; there’s no transition at all. But you have to make it clean by wrap and pull the edge then tightening it to the floor to avoid unattractive edge of the carpet. Use staples or glue to make sure the edge won’t come out.


This one is actually the most popular option that people do when it comes about vinyl plank flooring transition to carpet. First you need to clean the bottom of T-molding with sandpaper and use adhesive to clip it to the floor. Once it’s done, you need to slip edge of the carpet under the T-molding and then lock it with the T-molding.

Those are two most common things that would help you to solve the vinyl plank flooring transition to carpet.  You can do it by yourself or hire the professional artisan to do the transition. We have every solution for every problem so make sure you won’t miss our new posts update about home makeover.

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